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  1. Love that old soundtrack, there. Good ol' Goldeneye to bring me back :)... of course, that's also going to be a problem, if you shoot for OCR. Something that the Goldeneye soundtrack has issues with is that many of the songs are variations of the original '007' theme. According to submission standards...

    This track is really a variation of the original 007 theme, so you might have a problem if you plan on submitting sometime. It'll be tricky to avoid too much 007 theme music in your remix, for this reason. That's no reason not to continue, though - ultimately it's not about OCR, it's about making a great song, and this one has potential to be great. It's an awesome track and I love what you've done with it so far.

    The phased guitar is a great way to open the track. Perhaps the intensity is a little high, but it's a great way to open up - it's like telling us 'This shit ain't messin' around'.

    I'm feeling that the bass should have a somewhat more pronounced presence in the mix, here. Your bass isn't bad, by the way - it's just that the original source really relies on the bass to give it shape and form, so you might want the bass to sound a bit more distinct from the guitar. Just something to give a thought to.

    Sounds good, otherwise. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

    Thanks for pointing some things out , yeah the mixing isnt so great at the moment , but in the end it's going to sound atleast 3x better :)

  2. The most significant of my 'other' guitars is an Ibanez Jazzbox. Made from cocobolo as part of their exotic tonewood collection, the entire AJD series dissapeared in less then a year. Bad sales or summat, I dunno. I think it's fun. I call it Chocobolo :).

    Heh , what do you know ! , I got that guitar too!

    I can't take a picture right now , so here is a picture I found on the net


  3. Awesome! This track gives me hope of reviving one of my oldest mix. Maybe we can collab on that since that song requires tons of shredding and stuff and I am no "shredder" :)

    Lol . I don't wanna disappoint you but I am not much of a shredder either , I am more a riffer , than a shredder , but If you do wanna collaborate , I am happy to do so!

  4. On a most serious note, putting your songs to a creative, high quality montage can sometimes do the trick. This windows movie maker screenshot crap isn't going to catch anyone's attention but montages DO, as lame as that is.


    Already done that . This time around I mixed screenshots with gameplay footage. Good quality too.

    Unfortunately , to no effect.

    I guess I'm just going to continue making music and see where that takes me =/

  5. you plug your videos everywhere you go, and you make a lot of friends

    However, I get at least one friend request a week [sometimes daily] from some random hip hop artist that isn't very good, obviously they're just spamming the friend button and I hate that, I had the same problem with myspace, so hopefully it doesn't get too bad. I finally got one from a guy that makes ambient drone space music the other day though :D

    I get that alot . The problem with those kind of people is the arrogance with which they present their song.

  6. Youtube's strange in that I've noticed my channel's recieved quite a humble number of views despite the fact I'VE NEVER UPLOADED A VIDEO.

    I've favorited and saved the video you've made, maybe some more will look. :)!!

    Also try alerting THIS GUY as he's most likely the biggest fan of Castlevania I've ever seen; bigger than I am even. :lol:

    Thanks for the fav , I appreciate it!

  7. This...is not necessarily true. There's lots of ways you can optimize YouTube, but...

    This stuff helps. If you are actually going out of your way to promote things yourself, it helps more than anything. Google tends to reward people who legitimately make/promote content as opposed to people who automate things or lazily upload stuff without filling out fields.

    What zircon is talking about here is essentially "building authority." You can't promote your stuff in a single place and hope someone stumbles upon it. You have to put yourself out there in as many places as it seems relevant. Keywork: "relevant". Don't get overly spammy, and don't try to push or sell people too hard. Psychologically people aren't really going to accept things you try to shove down their throat. HOWEVER if they look around a few places, you constantly start coming up, then you seem relevant to their interests and their more likely to be interested.

    Google/YouTube will also nix you for having duplicate content/irrelevant links.

    So essentially: Have a lot of content in a lot of places. Relevant visitors WILL find it. Either through searching, stumbling, referrals, etc.

    Welllllll I'm glad you asked! I write a weekly column helping musicians learn how to get the most exposure out of the internets. (here's a link to the thread with some more info). Last week I talked about why YouTube is important, and over the course of the next few weeks I'm going to discuss optimizing your videos, what kind of videos you should be posting, how to get more views, etc. The last 2 weeks I discussed why it's important to have a Facebook Page and how to set them up nicely. As zircon has already pointed out, all these things work hand-in-hand.

    Some things they can help YouTube videos:

    • Optimized Titles
    • Optimized descriptions
    • Do covers
    • Post video responses
    • Encourage video responses
    • Encourage ratings
    • Encourage subscriptions
    • Links in your signature
    • Linking people you might think are interested
    • Having your own website with links to your YouTube
    • Having a twitter, linkedIn, Facebook page
    • Tumblr's are nice for this

    I could go on for a LONG time. But...that's what the article is for =P

    And before you think: "Man, that's a lot of work." It is. Don't for 1 second think it's really easy. The first few steps are easy, because most people have no optimization AT ALL, but to really get out there is practically a full-time job (which is why people hire people to do it for them).

    I try to keep Just The Tips short and sweet by delivering all the "must know" information, but I'm around to answer any questions too.

    Thanks for the tips ! I'll be sure to try and follow your advice!

  8. Well you're getting at least a few more views by posting it here, lol. Great mix, btw :).


    Everyone's got the right idea about getting the video more views. I clicked it because you posted it here. Post it in video game forums and you'll get more.

    Incidentally, I've got to echo Gario--nice job on the track. It's one of my personal favorites from the Castlevania series as a whole, and I love your version of it!

    Glad you love it!

    * Make really compelling videos

    * Make videos regularly

    * Encourage people to subscribe + Like your videos

    * Share your videos on Facebook

    * Make video responses to popular videos

    * Make really compelling videos

    Well , I basically make music , I don't know how compelling that can get =/

    That. Also, link your profile in your sig. Like mine.

    I'll be sure to do that

    use underscores on things that are supposed to be one tag btw

    so Order_of_Ecclesia, An_Empty_Tome, etc.

    That's a pretty good idea actually , thanks for mentioning it!

  9. youtube is on its way out man. Nothing uploaded after 2009 gets any views unless its partner videos. Hate to be negative, but thats the reality of it. Its like a bad joke. Youtube is made so random people can get their own videos out to an audience, and now, its all about disney and lady fucking gaga. Youtube has long since lost its original vision.

    I noticed that , yeah , sadly , it's mostly corporate stuff from now on :/

  10. I recently uploaded my newest song on youtube , but I don't seem to be getting any views. like , 3-4 views a day. And I am beginning to wonder what's wrong? I mean , I already gave it lots of keywords , and I mean , it's castlevania , I was with the idea that castlevania is kinda popular . Anybody can suggest on what I'm doing wrong?

  11. Order of Ecclesia was my favorite Castlevania game! Not just for it's ridiculous difficulty but it had some of the best castlevania tunes in a while! The metal solo halfway in made it worth the listen, I'd recommend it to friends even though it is rather close to the source. (nothing wrong with that IMO)

    If you get around to doing another metal mix, would you kindly remix: Colored Virginal or Tower of Dolls? That would totally make my day to have some metal oomph into either one of these songs. Thanks for the mix!

    Tower Of Dolls F!@# YEAH

    Love that tune , atm , I have the pinacle song from Dawn of Sorrow in my mind , but I'll put ToD in my to-do list.

    Thanks for the post;-)

  12. There is a serenity in this song , a calmness , you don't feel it right from the beginning but as the instruments follow each other into the field , it grows on you , I really love this and I feel it has immense potential. the one thing I would suggest is fixing the timing of the trumpet , sometimes it sounds like its way off. also try adding some reverb to it.

  13. Well , it's not like I took the midi sheets and snapped instruments over them and called it mine. Yes , I used some melodies from the midi file of the source but I worked 2 days straight , trying to record the guitar parts over and over again , trying to get the right bass sound , the right drum sounds, etc and then trying to master aaaaalll those things so they blend together nicely .

    Buuuut , the judges are judges , what can I say.

  14. (You're supposed to provide a link to the source material as well.)

    It sounds great, so that's a plus.

    But it lacks arrangement and interpretation, which the judges here look for. This is pretty much a metal cover of the original, not an arrangement. I'd suggest breathing some original ideas into this, put some twists in here and there that make it new and different.

    Good playing though, you've obviously got some chops!

    Well , it seems in my mind I had the wrong idea of arrangement all along :<.

    Yes , the main idea was a metal cover , not very different from the source material , I know , but I think it's kind of too late to add more , I am looking forward to doing something different.

    Thanks for the compliment on my guitar playing , I am struggling

    with my guitar solos , but who doesn't?

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