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  1. Thanks for pointing some things out , yeah the mixing isnt so great at the moment , but in the end it's going to sound atleast 3x better
  2. Heh , what do you know ! , I got that guitar too! I can't take a picture right now , so here is a picture I found on the net
  3. Lol . I don't wanna disappoint you but I am not much of a shredder either , I am more a riffer , than a shredder , but If you do wanna collaborate , I am happy to do so!
  4. I just started doing this , it's going to be a mix of electronic synths , acoustic instruments and good old rock n roll. http://tindeck.com/listen/drrx Source :
  5. Thanks a lot sir , I appreciate it! * Army salute *
  6. This is so awesome it's not even possible . However , my only problem is the fact that it is too slow , all the time , and it's wwwaaaaaaaaay too awesome of a song to be slow , all the time ,
  7. ots Already done that . This time around I mixed screenshots with gameplay footage. Good quality too. Unfortunately , to no effect. I guess I'm just going to continue making music and see where that takes me =/
  8. Yeah , but isn't that like , cheap , and you know , irrelevant?
  9. I get that alot . The problem with those kind of people is the arrogance with which they present their song.
  10. Thanks for the fav , I appreciate it!
  11. Thanks for the tips ! I'll be sure to try and follow your advice!
  12. Thanks! Glad you love it! Well , I basically make music , I don't know how compelling that can get =/ I'll be sure to do that That's a pretty good idea actually , thanks for mentioning it!
  13. I noticed that , yeah , sadly , it's mostly corporate stuff from now on :/
  14. Oh , well , this isn't what I was originaly thinking but , there you go.
  15. I recently uploaded my newest song on youtube , but I don't seem to be getting any views. like , 3-4 views a day. And I am beginning to wonder what's wrong? I mean , I already gave it lots of keywords , and I mean , it's castlevania , I was with the idea that castlevania is kinda popular . Anybody can suggest on what I'm doing wrong?
  16. Tower Of Dolls F!@# YEAH Love that tune , atm , I have the pinacle song from Dawn of Sorrow in my mind , but I'll put ToD in my to-do list. Thanks for the post;-)
  17. Oh yes , I would also be very honored if you would subscribe to my youtube channel! CyprusX out.
  18. There is a serenity in this song , a calmness , you don't feel it right from the beginning but as the instruments follow each other into the field , it grows on you , I really love this and I feel it has immense potential. the one thing I would suggest is fixing the timing of the trumpet , sometimes it sounds like its way off. also try adding some reverb to it.
  19. Who says we can't arrange that Im putting the download link on the first post
  20. Well , it's not like I took the midi sheets and snapped instruments over them and called it mine. Yes , I used some melodies from the midi file of the source but I worked 2 days straight , trying to record the guitar parts over and over again , trying to get the right bass sound , the right drum sounds, etc and then trying to master aaaaalll those things so they blend together nicely . Buuuut , the judges are judges , what can I say.
  21. Personally , I would take an electronic/dance/rock hybrid with this one. A crushing drum beat and some nicely laid guitar riffs. But hey , that's me! Or you can always go with the old DnB
  22. Well , it seems in my mind I had the wrong idea of arrangement all along . Yes , the main idea was a metal cover , not very different from the source material , I know , but I think it's kind of too late to add more , I am looking forward to doing something different. Thanks for the compliment on my guitar playing , I am struggling with my guitar solos , but who doesn't?
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