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  1. Here is my last composition : , the sinking cruse liner. Whith parts of Titanic music. Enjoy ^^ !
  2. Thanks for your comment and for the advice !
  3. Hi everybody ! Here is my remix of Underground - Super Mario World. I hope you enjoy and comment ^^ ! Link of the original music : Underground - Super Mario World
  4. Thanks for your comment. Indeed, I wanted to make a remix rather quiet, but it looks repetitive and homogeneous as you said. I'll improve the second part and the end of the music.
  5. Hello everybody. Here is my remix of SMW Haunted House, called Lullaboo : Sinister Garden.
  6. Thanks a lot for the previous comments. I didn't post for a long time. Here are my new compositions.
  7. Here is my new composition : . It's the first music I've used drums, so it's not really perfect ^^'. Listen, and comment please !
  8. I've extended the remix. Now, I've to work on the technical side of the music (add some effects). So I need your opinion and your advise. http://soundcloud.com/flo-jess/casino-park-2 => CJthemusicdude : Thanks for the com. I just start with FL, I'll try to search how to change velocities. About the string and the piano, I've used the basic instruments, but I don't have much experience.
  9. Hi, here is my fresh remix of casino park (only the begining of the music,). Just 0:30 for the moment, I know it's short, but write your first comments. The link of the remix :http://soundcloud.com/flo-jess/casino-park Original music :
  10. The music is well, but a little bit repetitive. The athmosphere is well returned. Try to vary the music, for example make the beginning more quiet, and then something more intense in sound.
  11. Here is the second piano version. And a new composition. Maybe instrumental soon. Critic request for my three latest links, please ^^'.
  12. Hi ! I've bought FL Studio for two weeks. I've tried to remaster. Now, I wait for your opinion.
  13. Personally, I like this remix and its side electro. About the "soft" passage, I think it can be softer, maybe with an other main instrument. And the final sounds good.
  14. I like this remix, it's well "updated". Technical side, I havn't a lot of experience, so I can't say nothing. I let the good remixers speak about it.
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