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  1. So, based on recommendations in this thread, along with some input I read across various other forums and reviews, I decided to plunk down $160 on a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50's as my starter set of headphones. So far, I'm extremely pleased with what I'm hearing. These are no question a billion times better than the $20 Sony headphones I'd been getting by on (just for listening, not creating). These sound (to me) crystal clear. I realize now that cheap pair of Sony headphones in fact sound like mud by comparison. I couldn't say anything truly specific about their range, since I'm by n
  2. Ummmm...just to clear up whatever confusion you had, these Uploading sites are free to all users (both the uploaders and the downloaders). So there's no payment involved by the people trying to get (download) the music - there's simply compensation for the uploader of the files.
  3. I'm not sure I have all these terms right (I'm just starting to dip my toes into the wonderful world of audio), but here's my opinion. I don't recall every bit of the original Mysterious Woods tune, but I do vividly remember the scene from the game where you first met the Owl upon trying to head north into the woods. The original song immediately gave a vibe of entering a dangerous area. In this remix, around 0:32, a repeating theme(?) starts up which to me, clearly reminds me of the Zelda 1 Underworld (Dungeon) theme. That caused my mind to immediately signal "DANGER". The whole remix se
  4. Okay, just wanted to throw out a quick idea that came to mind when I saw that other Torrent thread here (which is closed, thus the reason for this thread). (yes, I realize this could *possibly* been discussed here before) The main point I'd like to bring up is that in certain locations, torrenting is expressly forbidden, or at the very least, frowned upon. Some places throttle a user's connection when torrenting is detected, amongst other reactions. My suggestion would be to shop around a bit, and settle on one (or two, or three, for backup/redundancy purposes) upload site, ideally for the
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