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  1. One of my favorite games of all time. so i had to sample it, it was kinda tricky to flip this song, but i think it came out pretty good. Remix http://soundcloud.com/edwardcollins/special Source
  2. Its a dirty south beat inspired by one of my favorite games, god of war. im also playing around with dubstep a little bit.(I AM NOT A DUBSTEP PRODUCER...But i thinks its fuckin dope so i wanted to try it out). i also incorporated the theme into the beat. Source - Remix - http://soundcloud.com/edwardcollins/god-of-war
  3. Im putting together a special project where im sampling video games and turning them into hip-hop, r&b, and even a few pop songs. im currently working with the artist that are signed to my label and also local artist that i collaborate with. but i would like some new fresh faces on this project. this is a serious project that were doing and im looking for serious artists. if your intrested, please email me at dadecountyproductions@gmail.com with a link so i can check out your work. ill post a few things that we've done(some of these are still in progress) Grandia 2 final boss - Incredible (The final version sounds much better, youtubes audio conversion sucks) Super mario 64 browser's run - Epic mario (Same issue as before with youtubes conversion) Sky Chase zone remix (Yes, i am aware of the typo, it is not star light zone) Green hill zone / robotniks theme remix (These are two seperate songs) Mega man 2 Dr wily stage 1/2 - remix
  4. This is #1 on my favorite games list. i love this game. so i had to sample it. its going to be used for a project im doing where i will be sampling some of my favorite games or games with dope tracks. this track is a combination of dirty south Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Originality, and Sampling Original source - Remix - Madness http://soundcloud.com/edwardcollins/madness
  5. yo, check out the video i directed, i produced the track too Feedback is appreciated
  6. This is the video for a track on my labels mixtape. i thought i would post it up and see what yall think about it.
  7. thanks man, i appreciate it

  8. yo, your Robotnik beat is pretty tight man!

  9. A song i did with a friend of mine sampling music from Grandia II ( fantastic game BTW ), the guy raping first is my friend gift, im second. i just want to point out that i am not a rapper, i like rapping and im trying to work on skills. so this song and a few others will be featured on my debut mixtape, the arcade room, which will have tracks sampled from some of my favorite video games here is the source - i'm going to upload an HD version because the video lost some of its quality during the upload, which is why it sounds so muddy http://www.youtube.com/user/Dadecountyprod#p/u/24/yzqakfKmfnM
  10. a track on my mixtape, B.E.A.T.S. VOL.1, produced by me, and the verses were done by my artists. were going to be shooting the video for this on the 15th. Its sampled from sara smile by hall and oats. any and all feedback is appreciated. heres a link to download the mixtape if you want http://www.limelinx.com/files/56950e45e9fba113b039f9f320a3b91f
  11. yeah, the green hill zone beat had instruments on it, but i muted them, its more of a work in progress, and the robotnik beat was intended for lyrics, both of these will be put up when its done, and when i finish the green zone track, ill post it. and btw, i use fruity loops
  12. latest remix, ive always wanted to sample sonic the hedehog. and just like the classic games, i transitioned the beat so its the stage and then the boss....btw, i used robotniks theme from sonic 2 instead of 1, but # 2 was my favorite boss theme. heres the mix - sources
  13. Im started working on the almighty about a month ago, its such a great track, but it is tricky