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  1. If I'm hearing this correctly, you're saying it's cool for folks like me to continue typing those huge ass dissertations with 47 paragraphs about how dat filter sweep had me feelin some type of way, yeah? hoooly shit, the forums are upgraded as fuck.
  2. Hey Damashi, I know this has been a while back, but I'm sorry our Sonic CD remix didn't get passed...guess I went too liberal in the interpretation as they all claimed it didn't have enough source usage. Also gotta apologize for never following through with you on that Parasite Eve remix - life has been real up and down for me of late. Also, I really liked your stuff on Dungeonmans that shit is soooo chill and swag man!!

  3. Sorry. I ninja smoke-bombed into Timaeus' crib and tossed a bunch of new stem grenades everywhere. He might be busy for a little while longer.
  4. end of the year. Got it! Timaeus has been knocking it out of the park while I was gone and I'm not going to let our collab mix go to waste. Gonna be a close call, but I'm gonna have that Vectorman track done.
  5. What's up, everybody? I know it's been a while since I've been bombin up this community with epic novels and "wtf-is-this-mofo-so-excited-for?" posts. I've had a bit of a sketchy year and a lot of my focus went towards the recently released Zone Runners debut album as well as getting my own original material off of the ground. However, behind the scenes I've been cookin up something a little bit special. This is the first (the 'Pilot Episode,' if you will) of a series of volumes called the "Sir J Sessions" focused primarily on the funkiest, grooviest, crazy mofo.... ... est.... of on
  6. ohmahgawdz

    still needed an update for end of October

    October's gone

  7. ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu---------- O_________________o
  8. Happy birthday you freaking genius.

    What a moron you are.

  9. Man, thank goodness you're here. Haha, I thought you were gone on, like, an unspoken hiatus or something. =P

  10. Happy birthday tomorrow maaan! I tell you while you're here and will see it! If you're still here!

  11. close call... but for your birfday and mine both I'mma have TWTTop *finally* in your hands, brotha. *smoke bomb teleports into the project thread to see everything I missed*
  12. aaaight brotha, I know I've been gone a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time climbing up and down the gates of Mordor and all dat Space jam shit, but I've been listening to your WIP. you'll be getting my final guitar parts soon and I'll talk with the project directors to apologize for goin ghost so hard this year.

    thanks again... you've really made this idea something else from what I originally had in mind. :)

  13. Actually, don't worry about the PM's. I ended up trying my hand at the solo instead, and at 3:38 instead.

  14. Hey dude, just in case, please check your PM's, or let me know somehow that you got 'em. :)

  15. DOPE af. 11/10 will listen to again. and again. forever and ever. amen.
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