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  1. Ok, I did the whole registartion deal and what not just to tell walrusgumbo that he is 100% WRONG. I think that DJCrono did an excelent jod. The track was very tight, well put together, and overall a great song to listen to. It's one of my favorite tracks ever. I think that the song builds to the end beautifully and I can't speak french but I still find myself head bobbing to the lyrics because they fit with the rythym perfectly. Now, I'm not a remixer.. but I know many a friend who is and I know just how much effort goes into a remix, especially in a remix as busy as this one and for you, walrusgumbo, to take all of DJ Chrono's hard work and critize it as a horrible piece is just a travesty..... put a little more thougt beghind if a track sucks and why... but this track doesnt suck. The melody is all teh way there in the wailing guitar at the end as well and the acoustic-like sounds in the beginning. Not to mention that its a hip hop style remix... hip hop and scratches sound like they go together. Mama Mia