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  1. Super Mario Land 2 was the first video game I ever owned, so I thought it would be fitting for the first serious try at remixing I've done. I like this mix more than I make it sound in this post, but I'm a perfectionist. 1. This mix was made on a budget of $0 using a Mixcraft demo, a bunch of free VST plugins, and the crappy built-in webcam mic on my laptop for the two brief spoken parts. That, and it hasn't been mastered per se. Don't expect it to sound spectacular. 2. The idea of the mix was to make a song that's already dark a little more scary. Expect some clattery (not the word I'm look
  2. Even though he was a decent songwriter, I don't like Kurt Cobain's singing voice. I just don't like it. It's moany, droney, and it paved the way for Nickelback and Creed. That's what covers are for. This Nirvana is a late-60s psychedelic rock band who reunited and covered the other Nirvana. The Wounded is an unremarkable Dutch metal band, but this melodramatic cover is drastically different from and better than the overplayed original. Here's two other covers. Axel Rudi Pell - In the Air Tonight The singer is Johnny Gioeli, the same guy who sang "Open Your Heart" and "Live and
  3. Well I'm a hairy bassist, so I can't break that stereotype. I guess I tend to be less of a leader (soloist) and more of a follower (rhythm instrument).
  4. It's not that I hate country, it's just that I grew up in the suburbs and never listened to it that much, so it's hard to relate to. Same with hip-hop. I freely recognize that it takes talent and practice to be a good rapper or a good country guitarist, I'm just not interested in it. With that said, my dad is a guitarist, and he idolizes this guy: (he doesn't start playing until about 1:10)And I can see why.
  5. Any of the Crash or Spyro games not made by Naughty Dog or Insomniac. All 24 of them. What a first post.
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