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  1. There is a small amount of sidechain. Not much but a small amount.
  2. Quit arguing. I'll finish this mix eventually, but I've kinda lost interest in it as I'm working on better things. Check my Dracula X Cross A Fear Remix thread if you want. I'm nearly done recording and sequencing all the different parts. I want to sub that one if possible. Continue arguing there if you want. P.S. I was unaware until yesterday that you can actually request name changes on this site.........
  3. Thanks man! Well currently the arrangement follows the source almost note for note. So as it stands now, it's more of just a cover. So there isn't much of a re-arrangement to comment on atm XD I'll check out that sax, I'll fix the pad, boost the mid-highs a bit, and kill the unnecessary sub bass like you say. I'll also make the kick louder like Sonic says too. We'll see what happens.
  4. Okay, I'll try to use a kick with more punch than Captain Falcon's fists. Lol that's hilarious. "Give that kick more punch." Then again I'm easily amused. Btw, I also started a really bitchin' Hard Rock/Shredding/Symphonic/Electronic remix of a Castlevania tune that just doesn't get enough love. So.......much.......music.
  5. Thanks a ton! Wow, I should really get back to this song lol. I agree you are right about the sax being too high. I was going to do a guitar solo as well. I'll get back to workin' on this and I have definitely taken you guys' opinions on it into strong consideration. CJ disliked the sax, you loved it. Seems as though this is something people will be "on the fence about". Well, even if the Sax does sound mechanical....it's the best I can do though. I don't know of any real sax players. I'm just a guitarist/occasional keyboardist. In my opinion, I don't think a synth lead would fit too well with the rest of the song. Maybe I'm wrong though. Bottom line here, I'll see what I can do lol.
  6. My mother was like the 80s hair metal queen. She had hundreds of casette tapes of bands. Well known and obscure. If you can find me even one band that released at least one album from the Sunset Strip 1980-92 that I haven't heard I'll be freaking amazed. Truth is though, even though I was around that music when I was little I didn't really get into it hardcore until about 13. When I got a guitar. When I first got into music, I was a little kid in the 90s and my tastes were kinda weird. My favorite tune was Billy Ray Cyrus'.......you know what song I'm talkin' about. I also liked Britney Spears and Nsync (stfu all of you). One day, when I was digging through some of my mom's old tapes, I found two cassettes of "Appetite For Destruction". That album truly changed my life and made me decide music is what I wanna do. I played both tapes so much everyday since I found them, and years later I still have them, that they've completely stopped working. After the whole hair band thing, I got into the Thrash Metal bands and into the European and South American metal and rock bands. There's more but that's basically how I got into music. For games. I didn't really pay attention to the music till I started playing guitar. I realized how BAD ASS so much game music is. Lots of different styles etc. that I really liked. Much of it was electronic music, so I hear some dance stuff on the radio that I like that I don't really think I would if it weren't for games. This shit's gettin' too long so I'll just leave it as "Video games introduced me to a wider range of genres I didn't previously enjoy as a whole. Now I'm doing electronic music for an Iphone game XD so......" Game music is killer and deserves moar respect
  7. They still wound up selling 50 million worldwide total. That's still impressive cash. If you have a higer price tag obviously you're not going to sell nearly as a much as a lower priced console would on launch day and you still have to sell enough to make back all the money you put into creating the products. But that didn't stop the ps3 from being a success in the end and I'd bet Nintendo's new system will not be "another dreamcast" either.
  8. Indeed that is called stupidity. Because 81,639 PS3 systems were sold within 24 hours of its introduction in Japan The system sold about 600,000 units in its first two days in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Africa. It became the fastest-selling home console in the United Kingdom with 165,000 units sold in two days, and became the second-fastest-selling console in the UK overall 50 Million units sold worldwide as of March. It's only been out for 5 years..... Look around the internet like I did. Even Wikipedia has valid links to back up it's statistics for once. Sony made millions in the first week it was sold. So to say/think that a high price tag like that of the Sony PS3 would prevent a company like fucking NINTENDO from using cash as toilet paper and powdering their armpits with gold dust.....now that is stupidity. If people want it bad enough. They WILL buy it.
  9. "Well rub that in my face why dontcha?" - Jim Carrey
  10. I started hating because LOS had almost no resemblence to Castlevania and the only song they used from the older games was Vampire Killer in the Baba Yaga music box game. HOD was a great idea but everything was recycled and removed many important features that everyone expected would be in the game. Plus, Charolette was/is the best character. Because if you know a little trick, she's literally invincible. Back on topic, I don't know if anyone posted this but some dude is comparing this new system to the dreamcast http://www.play.tm/news/33399/nintendo-s-project-cafe-could-be-another-dreamcast-says-pachter/ Basically he thinks that if the controller has an LCD screen that will kill it because it will cost more.....LOL as if that would stop people. I remember when the PS3 first came out, some dude paid 6000$ on ebay for it.
  11. Hello thar. If it is against the rules, Darkesword will kill all the fun lol.
  12. Castlevania used to be cool man.............now it's all.........not. Lords of Shadow made me go =( Though I totally went nuts in the whole castle segment. That was EPIC. Other than that the rest of the game was lame. Especially Gabe's fail at speaking Romanian in the ending. Harmony of despair, now that shit piece made me rage like no tomorrow. That game blew somethin' fierce. What the hell happened to castlevania?
  13. Can you still buy Gamecube controllers? I haven't saw any but I know the Wii is backward compatible. It would be stupid not to still sell the controllers.
  14. Thanks Dissidia! Not my genre either really lol but I thought it was catchy.
  15. I'm not normally a fan of this type of music, but Eddy Wata has some damn catchy tunes. I'll be honest, I have no clue what this song is about. Here's the original My remix. http://tindeck.com/listen/xspr Nothing too crazy here, I thought it was a fun song though. Tell me what you think! C4C too, so if you leave a link to your song I'll be sure to check it out.
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