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  1. OK, I am the composer of this little piece of overlooked (and rightly so) video game music from the 90s. I composed 10 or 15 of these kinds tracks. For this game I was told that the end sound in the game was basically just a very short synth blip, so I composed on a synth with a square wave with a short sustain. Memory was very expensive back then. I mean like $50 a megabyte. Anyway, it was just the one or 2 voices as I recall and so I decided the only way to keep things "interesting" was to write with a lot of counterpoint. I was quite happy with my results considering the limitations. But low and behold when I went into the office to hear the final product it was worse than I could have ever imagined. They had actually edited out notes of the composition because of limitations in memory and limitations in melodic range without ever consulting me on the final result. It was absolutely horrible sounding.
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