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  1. can a mod move this to wip forum plz? don't want to create a new thread there
  2. https://www.yousendit.com/download/VnBwQndLbEplM1JFQlE9PQ newer edit. decided to stay with the riff. added more melody. hope i didn't butcher it...
  3. https://www.yousendit.com/download/VnByTmZjckkzeUkwTVE9PQ this is my rough idea... but imho it's too repetitive. i can't find a good way to break away from the main riff and yeah i know the melody comes out of nowhere and doesn't really fit the mood. will work on it later.
  4. kinda similar but not exactly. actually in its basic form i use same length notes and yeah it looks kinda ugly because there are 11 notes there but imho it sounds better that way.
  5. hi guys! so i am making this rpg game in rpg maker and also doing all of the music... now i try to compose a music for a dungeon that is kinda mysterious and suspenseful with tragic undertones like at the end of the dungeon a big secret is gonna be revealed but the hero might not like what he finds out, u know what i mean? now i came up with this riff: f c f g c g g# c f g c imho it works really well and i can repeat it a few times, maybe change the instrumentation... it sounds really nice on an electric piano with some echo added and a nice reverb... or on a bass guitar... anyway, the question is how do i progress from here?? f c# f g c# g g# c# f g c# naturally comes next, but after that i'm stuck! any advice?
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