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  1. I saw a few weeks ago some requests about Alien 3 themes when i joined the OCR Community. As i was working on two themes since a while, i thought it was time to work a little harder on this one, and drop you a first version of the song. Stage 4 Original : Stage 4 Remix : http://modrequiem.net/documents/alien3-stage4-wip.mp3 Here's the stuffs i want to tweak asap : cut a lot of effects (piano, chords...), improve the break (i'm not really happy with it atm), tweak the solo (medium frequencies are kinda muddy). Enjoy
  2. Can't access the URL "trying to access a private track..."
  3. Hey everyone, I'm following ocr since a while now, and i think it's to contribute to the community. I wanted to drop a remix on the forums, but i thought it was better to introduce myself to you guys, with something more personal, a song i wrote a while ago... I thought a lot about what song could be the best to introduce myself, and i think this one is the best. So here is it, Everything has to end (aka This could be an ending theme) This song is a mix of everything i like when i compose something : ambiant pads, orchestral strings, synths, guitars. Hope you'll like it. I got much more compositions i'd like to share with, so don't hesitate to ask.
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