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  1. I may regret this, but oh well, count me in
  2. SilvernixSP Gate's Secret Dream Lab (Shield Sheldon in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) Myth Lab (Rainy Turtloid in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) You Know The Game (Gravity Beetle in Gate's Laboratory [X6])
  3. SilvernixSP Probe (Tunnel Rhino in Cyber Maze Core [X5]) Jumpstyle Flamethrower (Flame Mammoth in Cyber Maze Core [X5]) Infinite Flight Cheat Code (Storm Eagle in Cyber Maze Core [X5])
  4. SilvernixSP Arsonist (Flame Mammoth in Doppler Stage 1 [X3]) Tiger Millionaire (Neon Tiger in Doppler Stage 1 [X3]) MMMDop (Slash Beast in Doppler Stage 1 [X3])
  5. Better late that never, and I want to say, great job to Ivan Hakstok and Willrock for the second and 3rd rounds. Really love those mix. Double 2nd round was also amazing. Keep up all those great work guys, it's really appreciate.
  6. oups, i forgot to vote even to listen to round 9, my bad, doing this right now
  7. ya, just finish mine and uploading it put less than 10 hours in this mix, have kool ideas, but not enough time to execute them well, so i think my track in round 5 was better hope you guys gonna like it anyway
  8. Can we have some reviews, plz, cause since I'm still unable to get at least one vote, I wonder what you guys think of my track this time, din't have the time to really finish it, I rush the last minute of the track but, I think it's my best so far I also wonder, how many time(hours) you guys can put for a remix Next time I should try to use an equalizator, I guess cause I never touch this yet and I know all my track kinda need it Hope there's no key change problem in this one
  9. If I'm correct, I only have 1 hour left to submit my track right... it's a shame I can finish this proprely
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