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  1. Could you please make high quality remixes of all the original tracks in F-ZERO for the Super Nintendo? Preferably in flac and mp3 320kbps. I see some on this site, but they are in low quality My wish would be at least the original tracks. Some unique tracks from F-ZERO Maximum Velocity and F-ZERO GP Legend would be nice too. I would love if the album was hard rock and techno only, since there is already an official jazz soundtrack available. Cover suggestions: TRACKS CD1: Opening Theme Mute City I Big Blue Sand Ocean Death Wind I Silence Mute City II Port Town I Red Canyon I White Land I White Land II Mute City III Death Wind II Port Town II Red Canyon II Fire Field Select Time Theme Lost Life Ending Theme TRACKS CD2: Bianca City Stark Farm Empyrean Colony Cloud Carpet Tenth Zone Beacon Port Fire Field Synobazz Ancient Mesa Crater Land Mist Flow Lightning Illusion All race tracks with several versions can have one unique remix per version. Thanks!
  2. I'm really looking forward to this album It can't come soon enough!
  3. Revenant A true gem that shouldn't be overlooked!
  4. Sorry, I was wrong, I meant WMA isn't lossless /facepalm. I mixed them when I wrote :S Of course WAV is lossless, but it's a format that can't be tagged and it doesn't contain info like song, title, artist, album, year, etc..
  5. Why on earth are there almost no remixes of Tekken music? Tekken 3 has the best and most varied soundtrack of all Tekken games and no one has cared to remix anything from that game? o_O' It's not cheesy and too much of the same, like Tekken 4 and 6 :/ What I would like the most: Goa-trance/ambient remixes of King's Theme (from T1, 2 & 3) TEKKEN 3 - techno remix of Jin's theme - hard rock remix of Jin's theme with more instruments and better sound stage - varied remixes of all the tracks TEKKEN 5 - varied remixes of all the tracks TEKKEN 6 - Electric Fountain techno remix - Electric Fountain hard rock remix Cover suggestion Please make flac files, so can people just convert to mp3 or whatever format they may prefer with programs like Media Monkey, Winamp etc. WAV files don't contain info like song, title, artist, album, year, etc. and can't be tagged, so they just suck :/ If it's not too much hassle, you could include mp3 320kbps versions too. Thank you!
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