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  1. how about legend of legaia, anyone remember that one? It was actually my first ps1 game, there are some things I hated about it though. all that I really hated was the money system, because you get so very little from fighting. the fighting system was very unique and pretty cool towards the end of the game.
  2. I never actually played tomba!, but I have played the demo for tomba 2 which I thought was alright, again though it was a demo. also I totally agree with you brandon about the NES FF games I think that ff and ff2 as far as story goes was better than ff7, which is good but I think it super overrated.
  3. I dunno if that was really underrated, so much as it was just not released in america. that game was actually very big in japan. I totally agree that that game is great though. I only know of it because I my cousins had illusion of gaia when I was young. later on in life say mid high school I got into emulation quite a bit, even modded a forum for a site about snes emulation (which in my opinion it was the best emu site for a while before nintendo forced the owner of the site to stop). either way I mentioned illusion of gaia to people there and everyone right away told me to play terranigma. though if we are talking about games that never made it to america that were awesome, I loved 'treasure of the rudras'. I haven't even beaten that game, but I was like 2 or 3 bosses away from it though, it was such a super long game too.
  4. i know what you mean about that game, the first time i played it i couldn't turn the game off. i know a couple of the Ultima games were pretty good, im just trying to remember which ones they were :/, but there was about a thousand of them. also ultima online, was that the first MMO or was everquest? and for pc a game called Knights of the Realm or warriors of the realm. it was pretty good, kinda like civ 3 before civ 3.
  5. mischief makers, I always wanted to play that game but could never find a good copy of it anywhere. either way, back around when it first came out I remember reading about it on squaresoft's website, that is how I also found out about xenogears was on that same day. All I really remember it being about was some snobby girl with somekind of power, the rest I forget but I remember being enthralled by it.
  6. oh I loved X-Com, never did beat terror from the deep though, that game could be so super hard >. I didn't like apocoalypse but I did only watch my cousin play it for like 5mins and I was also quite young at the time. I think the only thing I didn't like was that it wasn't like the first two, like exactly like the first two, which is quite unreasonable but hey I was pretty young at the time :/.
  7. there are always going to be games that are overlooked for one reason or another, but I'm curious to know what peoples favorite games that have been underrated, mainly because I would like to know more good games that I may have missed. Ill start with me two good ones that didn't get enough credit were psychonauts and beyond good and evil. both had killer stories and good gameplay but for one reason or another got snubbed.
  8. I think its probably from the Warriors movie, or I suppose it could be from the warriors game that they made.
  9. oh I love this guy, at first I had no idea what to think, but I think the first one I saw was the katy perry one and then the slipknot one. I love the Iron Maiden bossa nova so funny, and well done.
  10. thanks, I use to have this friend on an old forum who could do wonders with sigs, and he made almost all of mine.

  11. I approve of your Freakazoid sig.

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