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  1. Yeah, the piece loops entirely. I originally made as a fanmade remastering for my YouTube channel. That would be changed if I submitted. I'd do the intro section again then do some hits and let the tracks reverb out, sort of like this (to use a VGM sample): https://youtu.be/b4Q9vm_QUsM?t=2m Also, involving the synth with vibrato, I like that idea! Maybe I could throw in an amp plug-in on it, too. I don't know what genre this would be, either. I'm not concerned that, though. What about the second half of the loop where the straight synth plays and the beat kicks up? Do you think that part is solid? I was considering changing the percussion instrumentation to more electronic there, but I scrapped the idea since the acoustic kit still sounded nice.
  2. I know, right? I love that early PSX sound, like the stuff from Parasite Eve and Final Fantasy VIII. I also love the soundfonts from Pokemon Stadium 2, which are super nostalgic for me since I played that game to death. Cheesier sounds in general are very comfortable to me. I like the challenge of making a polished track with "crappy" instruments.
  3. Shameless self-bump. Please, guys. I'm wiling to hear the most honest of stuff.
  4. Plain and simple: tell me everything I need to make this OCRemix worthy, and I will do it and submit. I've been holding off attempting to submit stuff on here for 3 years, and I feel like I now have great potential to get my stuff on me. https://soundcloud.com/epic-rpg-remixes/grandmaster-duel-arrangement-pokemon-trading-card-game Inb4 change the guitar lead
  5. http://youtu.be/j6xr312N8Ck Wrote this around a month ago. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
  6. I used Logic Pro's Jam Pack Symphony Orchestra. And by humanize it, do you mean add dynamics?
  7. Thanks a ton! That's the kind of criticism I need! I'll totally try to add my own flair to the piece, make it longer, and perhaps insinuate some other themes to fill out the sound. It's back to square one, but I'm cool with that
  8. I made an orchestrated remastering of this awesome theme. Please give feedback! https://www.box.com/s/a6d5a5863445433a7578
  9. Hey, OC! This is a remix I've been working on for a few days now. It combines Chiptune, Techno, and some House. I'm a n00b to OC, but I'm willing to bear any constructive criticism. Give me all you got! Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/458479 Youtube: