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  1. I am pretty much a lurker around here, except when I'm experimenting with remixes of my own (none of which are of the caliber that OCRemix would take, but that's another story for another day)... But I had to come out of my lurking shell and at least say something about this mix. Decidedly new and original, to say the least. Just like DJP said... first 11 seconds, the song just sounds like another techno mix. But then, my head gets to bobbing at 11" in. At 33", the main melody starts kickin, and my eyes drift closed -- I'm deep into the song now, my head sways left and right as my head bob
  2. Yes, yes, I realize that I can do this pattern-by-pattern for each instrument in my drum kit... the problem that I have with this is that I have at least 40 or so patterns that I would have to do this with, and each of them with 5 or more .WAV channels (one for each type of drum, high hat, cymbal, etc.). I am wondering if there's a quicker way to get by this and just transfer the notes without cutting and pasting through the piano roll. I tried dragging the soundfont player over the slot where I have the .WAV, and it seems not to do anything. Hmm... any other suggestions? - Rossodio
  3. Ech... not quite. I have soundfonts, know how to manipulate them using the soundfont player, etc... The problem is that i have already written some music using a .WAV channel running through FX filters. I want to get these beats/notes and move them into a soundfont player channel, as opposed to having to cut and paste all the notes for all of my tracks manually. Does this make any more sense? Damn, I wish I could think of a better way to ask this. Ugh
  4. Ech... this is a hard question to put into words... I have written tracks for a song I am writing; some of my channels are .WAV's (each one is a different part of a drum kit). I want to get each of these channels and change what they play into soundfont sounds. If I simply add another channel that is the soundfont player, then I have to cut and paste every single note in every single .wav channel into the soundfont player -- so this is really not what I want to do. Does anyone know of a way to do this? All I can do right now is change the sound that the channel plays into a different .wav
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