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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Lawrence a.k.a. xinstruMental. I've lurked this site for YEARS now (I just checked my oldest file from this place and it said it was modified in 2005). I came here for the music, and I listened to stuff from this site at least once a day. Why I'm here? I met Larry and Paige at Distant Worlds Atlanta, much by chance, waiting for a chance to meet Nobuo and Arnie after the concert. :] About myself? I'm a professional photographer still in school studying radiology in Gainesville, Florida. Hoping to make photography a full-time deal in the near future. I'm also a sushi chef when I'm not behind my lens or medical texts. I stay pretty busy but I'm hoping to contribute my voice and maybe even some talent to this place sooner or later. It's been a while since I've forumed and I kind of miss it. Hoping to get to know everyone here in this huge community. My friends and I with Larry: (I need to mail you the rest of these.) :] Talk to everyone soon!