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  1. This remix is a DJ mix of some video game series' tunes. Thus it is almost 40 minutes long. It is bundled with an illustrative art. YouTube: Music: Art:
  2. Thanks for your opinions. Because they're mash-up mixes, so they may be confusing or felt to be copied & pasted, obviously.
  3. This project is a fan-art and mashed-up music of Final Fantasy & Castlevania series album. Please check this project out and give comments. (I know this album is quite short)
  4. Your remix is cool! Its signature key is from the Super Castlevania 4, isn't it? This remix is quite creative. Many foreign sampling sound are attached. However, the sound becomes louder abnormally after the half-minute intro. The stereo sound is excellent. I am a Castlevania fan, too. It's a wonderful remix to submit. Hey, try listening to my Castlevania remixes.
  5. The album was restarted on February 1, 2012. It is also submitted in Mr. P's Castlevania Realm (
  6. I also posted my remixes here. But it seems that no one like it. I have explained there. My plan are to make parts shorter (about 10 minutes, 64kbps, because video game music quality is low), and take soundtracks nearer (make transitions between them).
  7. I have improved it many times, but it won't be better. YouTube isn't where I can post it, because a video is limited to 15 minutes. I can't split both parts into smaller chunks, because remaking those remixes is very hard. Probably I'll never be a remixer here...
  8. All parts of this album are very long so I can't submit them (and I want more feedback). I am requesting to increase the size limit ( Here's where the songs are located:!420&parid=EA81E0060698F530!119&authkey=!AEeZkMHYdijDkoA (The 'Ainaveltsac Medley' album was restarted on Feb 1, 2012 and was made for the 25th Castlevania anniversary.) (I tried to post this into the Castlevania Anti-Chapel, but I could not post anything in that forum, even though I had logged in.)
  9. 8MB is not enough for me to post a remix, because I am submitting my remix that is very long (~45 minutes, the size after the compression (to 48kbps) is 15MB). So, I want the webmaster to increase the remix size limit to 15MB, or I can't submit my long remix.