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  1. Does anyone have a happy hardcore remix of the Mortal Kombat theme that was posted a long long while back? Maybe about 4 minutes long? I unfortunately don't know the title or remixer, so that's all I really have to go on. BTW, anybody been able to make progress in finding that Pokecenter remix? I've tried everything I could think of - a number of p2p programs, PMing the remixer's account, googling him, etc, but it seems ResdntEvilFreak is no longer involved with OCR. Thanks, Arcanis
  2. Thanks for that one, The Damned, it's closer (later on the WIP timeline, if you will), but the "final" one is still nowhere to be seen. I think I'm resigned to tracking down this ResdntEvilFreak and seeing if I can get it that way. If ANYBODY knows how to get in touch with him, please PM me.
  3. Hi, One game I used to play a lot was this Power Rangers game on SNES. It only had like 7 levels, but the music was quite catchy. The tracks are on Zophar: http://www.zophar.net/download.php?file=/zsnes/spc/mmpr.rar Note: you will need a player that can play .SPC files. I use Winamp with a plugin called SNESamp found here: http://www.alpha-ii.com/Download/Main.html (Scroll down, it's the fourth one) Personally, I think Area 1, Area 2, Area 4, or Area 5 would be good source material (EDIT: Boss music also is good). The first thing that jumps out at me is rock, but other genres are welcome.
  4. Sigh . . . it looks like he's been inactive since 2003, and his website is no longer available. He also doesn't show up on other sites like vgmix (at least not under the same name). Is there any chance somebody knows how to get in touch with ResdntEvilFreak?
  5. ResdntEvilFreak = DJ Death? I think the pokecentermix2.mp3 is the closest to the one I'm looking for. It was about 3 minutes long, and I remember the gameboy sounds at the beginning, the end, and a little clip in the middle somewheres. It sounded like a "finished" mix, if you knwo what I mean. The hunt goes on . . .
  6. Close, but this is actually a different version. But, I have a feeling the one I was thinking of is by the same artist, so I will try contacting him. Thanks lots so far, and +1000 internets to whomever finds that song!
  7. Hi, A long while back, a couple years maybe, there was a song floating around VGmix sites (like OCR) called "A Healed PKMN is a Happy PKMN." It was like a happy hardcore version of the PokeCenter music from the game. And it was awesome. And I lost it. Does anyone still have this or know where I might find it? (Google wasn't very helpful)
  8. How about some Super Smash Bros. (original or melee) remixes? I'm gonna leave this pretty open-ended, but I think many would agree that there should be some great tunage from one of the best party games of all time.
  9. Yeah, ditto, can't wait for another update! This has some great tempo for cardio mixes.
  10. I really like the arrangement, but it still sounds like its right out of the game. I think if you got some electric guitar instruments in place of some of the synths (for example) and maybe some more convincing drums it would really make a big difference. I'm not saying ditch all the synths, cuz actually I think electronic and rock mixed together sounds cool. Aside from that, you might play with some panning effects or something spiffy like that, but I don't have much to suggest in that department. Toodles, and keep up the good work -Arcanis
  11. Hi everybody, Quick background: I teach martial arts (mostly to kids, but also to adults) and we typically have some music running in the background during classes. Our studio also does a Halloween party and a Christmas/Holidays party each year. So I'm looking for some new things to play, and I've been listening to OCR stuff for quite some time and thought, "heck, why not." There's no way I can possibly listen to every single song on the site, so I'm wondering if all you guys and gals out there can make some suggestions (for classes, Halloween, and Holiday, respectively)? I've found some already, but I won't say which ones for fear of biasing the suggestions. Feel free to suggest non-OCR stuff as well, cuz there's plenty good music out there that I probably don't know even exists. Thanks lots!
  12. Tight!!!! This remix is so good, I've had it on loop for like 8 hours now. There are so many elements that anybody will like it. An absolute must have
  13. This is a very cool mix. I like a little more each time I play it. :~) Hope to hear more stuff from Gustav in the future.
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