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  1. Hello! Just wondering when you're getting more T-shirts in. I want a hoodie!
  2. Final Fantasy IV and VI soundtracks... need I say more? Let's win this thing!
  3. This game has some great music. I think my favorite is the waltz theme, although it's very short (it could make a good bridge in a remix, though). The overworld theme is also well done. Remixes/arrangements of some of these songs have been posted on YouTube.
  4. Hello, All! I've been downloading remixes from OCR since 1999, but I finally registered to request remixes for some great songs that have been overlooked for too long. The first request I would like to make is for Arcana (SNES first-person RPG). Almost all of the music in this game is awesome, but below are a few songs I would really like to hear remixed. Please check out the links! Conflict (from 0:00 to 1:27) Dark Castle Bintel: Boss Battle: Second Armageddon: Thanks for your consideration!
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