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  1. You don't SEE it because you're not using a good enough ID3 tagging program, but it's there. I do a similiar thing with the RTS mixes using the catalog number instead of the track number.

    Why? Because most people CAN'T find it, and thus can't change it. Back in the day Prot made a program called OCRecollections that would crawl the site and check your OCReMix library up against an XML file that's generated by the server and download the songs you didn't have. Problem was if you changed any of the days or the file name it didn't really have a way to find it. With this, hidden, tag in the files there's a way for the song to be identified even if someone has changed all the visible tags and renamed it, so it'll still show up in soemthing like this AND won't be anything noticeable.

    Why would you particularly want all the OCReMixes sorted by track number? I really don't care what order they were posted on the site short of something for the backend. I'm just lookin' for game, artist, and song titles.

    The only REAL changes I could see making are making putting write-ups into the comments tags, lyrics into the lyrics tags, album art, and album artists.

    Anyway, you'd probably have to download Helium to see a lot of these tags. I've never used it, but I've seen it and the tagging on that thing is pretty extensive. What I would do, because I have it, is just load everything into Tag&Rename to check for overall consistency, which I'm pretty sure for the most part is OK, and then crawl the files individually through Helium to make sure ALL the required fields are filled in.

    So you don't want track #, when something like year is up, but insist on something that no one ever sees?

    You and I can go back and forth all we want, ultimately it's not our decision.

  2. So then, no, since only a handful of them are mandatory.

    4.2.1 TPA Part of a set ALWAYS = Exact ReMixID assigned by djpretzel at time of posting E.G. = OCR00541

    That confuses me though, what IS that? It's mandatory yet I dont' know if I've seen it. And if that's mandatory, why can't

    4.2.1 TRK Track number/Position in set

    be that way and just be 00541 (in the example given)

  3. Apparently you missed:

    I'm saying, we have a consistent tagging standard in place for what's newly posted. Look through the most recent stuff to check that out, then give criticisms/suggestions based on what you see from those tags, not tags from stuff before, say, OCR01650.

    Obviously that works. But why would we want someone to reach the site in 2 steps (Google it, then go to the result) rather than 1 step (copy-pasta the URL directly)? I can guarantee that using the URL rather than the words "OverClocked ReMix" as the Album listing has been more effective in generating curiosity and directing traffic here. And we're not stupid, so we're gonna keep it that way. :lol:

    Well since there is no track number, how do I easily see what is post 1650?

    What is the tagging standard now so I can compare?

    The only changes I suggested where the album art (only as an additional file in the torrents), the track number, and the possibility of linking it to one of those online databases.

  4. The suggestions here are appreciated, but we already know what information we currently want in ID3 tags, and all recent ReMixes are tagged that way..


    Thanks to anyone who looks into this and offers suggestions.

    Please don't take this as hostility, but, do you want suggestions or not? Those two lines seem to contradict each other

    [The album is listed as http://www.ocremix.org] Because djp wanted people to go to the website, and putting the URL in the album field was the most effective way of doing that.

    Even though a search of "OverClocked ReMix" in any search engine yields http://www.ocremix.org as the first result?

    I've yet to find a way to get a program like iTunes or Winamp to display 4-character-long track numbers... And believe me, I've tried!

    Oh really? Windows Media Player (which I use at work) and Rhythmbox (at home) both can, I just thought that all modern players could at this point.

    EDIT: I tried iTunes on the Windows XP machine at work and it displayed a 4-character-long track number just fine.

  5. Hey, it is me, only here to complain it seems...

    This thread keeps moving too...

    So I guess this is a good idea?

    The first step would be to figure out exactly what would go in these tags, hopefully have a mod or some such make future submissions follow the same template.

    {Game Name}{Song Title}OC Remix

    *{Game Name} = {whatever the name is under http://www.ocremix.org/remixes/}

    Album = http://www.ocremix.org

    Track # = {the five numbers of the song's url}

    Artist = {OCR Artist(s)}

    Composer = {original composer}

    Year = {Year of remix's release}

    Genre = Game

    Anyone, who actually has an album, know what's involved in getting it on one of those online databases media players look to for information?

  6. April is support OCR month. After bringing OCR (minus OCRemoved) to work, I noticed the lack of consistency across ID3 tags. A lot don't have the year or name of original composers, and even the following ones don't even have the correct album name:









    Another part I noticed was the naming. Some have the name of the game, then the title ofthesongwrittenlikethis others have it spaced out, others put - or : between them. Even the way the game is written out isn't the same across all of the songs. It's all nice in the website, but if you look in the tags...

    Final Fantasy VII or 7

    Sonic 3 or Sonic the Hedgehog 3

    and more ways of writing the name of a game in the "The Legend of Zelda" series than I care to list

    I'd just like some consistency, some template that future remixes need to follow and it could be applied to the past ones. I realize that ~1700 tags is a lot of work, so I was hoping we could all work on this.

    A few extra bits I'd like, is the track number to be the number on OCR so track #209 would be The Music of My Groin. I'd also like to see a simple album art icon in with the torrents. If it is possible it would be really nice to have the album on cddb or any of those databases that various music software pulls from.

  7. Because we haven't done that since the start of the site, it's only something that's been done since a year or two ago. For recent mixes, the tags are always filled out.

    I'd personally prefer to retag everything and release a new torrent so that everything from the past is consistant. Maybe down the line.

    Make it a project. I'll contribute

    What is the possibility of it being listed on one of those online album databases? Is that impossible since OCR 'album' keeps increasing?

  8. Tag stuff up to the best of your ability, just to help ID your track when you send it. Reagrdless, we tag everything up once it passes. Don't worry about that.

    You do? Then why is it the last time I got them through torrents I noticed a lot of inconsistencies among the files?

  9. I've been late the past few weeks, and next Monday is the start of my new job in NYC, so this may be the last time I do this

    North American Virtual Console releases today:

    Yoshi's Story (N64) - A story that's best left untold

    Super Thunder Blade (GEN) - Shmups were on systems other than TurboGrafx16?

    World Class Baseball (T16) - Silly Hudson Soft, people won't play a sports game unless it has licensed characters

  10. North American Virtual Console releases from 8 hours ago

    NES Play Action Football (NES) - Who needs Madden?

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (GEN) - Getting us ready for his appearance in Brawl..right?

    Neutopia II (T16) - "Zelda without the license" makes a return

  11. 6 Hours late an no one said anything?

    North American Virtual Console releases today:

    Adventure Island (NES) - I guess if the nostalgia factor outweighs the 'better' version released back in February

    Donkey Kong Jr Math (NES) - We can collectively stop holding our breath since this has finally been released

    Landstalker (GEN) - I doubt this was released because of the rumored PSP remake


    Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure (T16) - I feel like banging my head against a wall too for the mistakes

  12. North American Virtual Console releases today:

    Super C (NES) - It has 'Super' in the title but is on the original NES? MY MIND IS BLOWN

    Breath of Fire II (SNES) - On the same day as the curry item for Smash Bros

    Ghouls 'n Ghosts (GEN) - Why can't the Virtual Console release a series in order?

  13. North American Virtual Console releases today:

    Super Metroid (SNES) - Back in the days of Kraid

    Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (GEN) - Who needs the first two?

    Neutopia (T16) - An action RPG where you run around collecting 8 things to rescue a princess who isn't named Zelda

  14. Blasphemous fiend! :lol:

    SitD has good graphics (for Genesis at that time period), with the familiar art style of the "Shining" series up to that point. It has some catchy "marching"-style music, challenging and good sized labyrinths, old turn-based combat gameplay, and the dungeons scroll pretty nicely. The animation on the enemies isn't extensive, and after a while, some of the random battles can get on your nerves when you're hit with a high frequency of them (though it never gets as bad as Sword of Vermillion). It's a well rounded game, and a fine entry in the long running "Shining" series.

    I find it funny you commented what I said about Shining in the Darkness and not what I've said about one of the 8billion shmups that has come out for the VC

  15. North American Virtual Console releases today:

    Metroid (NES): OMG U R A GIRL

    Shining in the Darkness (GEN): A dungeon crawler that looks like it came from the 8-bit generation

    Cratermaze (T16): Bomberman - Bombs + Digging + Treasures

  16. North American Virtual Console releases today:

    Adventures of Lolo (NES) - What is it with HAL and single color spherical characters?

    Galaga '90 (T16) - Combine the two common elements of the VC, really old games and Turbografx 16 shmups

    Wave Race 64 (N64) - In case Mario Kart 64 has worn out its welcome, now you can race on water

  17. North American Virtual Console releases today:

    Drop Off (NES) - Breakout/Arkanoid; with fruit.

    Dynamite Headdy (GEN) - It's made by Treasure, so it must be good

    Star Soldier (T16) - Another shooter in the same series as Blazing Lazers

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