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  1. I've loved Nobuo Uematsu since I was a little kid watching my cousins play video games while all I could do was sit, listen, and enjoy the music. I remember the music in Final Fantasy X inspiring me to join band in school so I could play music just like that. I remember the arguments our band and the choir had over who was better: Uematsu-san or Eric Whitacre? Though the answer is obvious. I learned how to play piano just so I could play "Return to Zanarkand" and "Suteki Da Ne". When the "Distant Worlds" concert came to MN I took my Grandmother and she said it was the best concert she's ever been to and I got her interested in video game music. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet Uematsu-san at that concert but it was a wonderful experience nonetheless. If I could go to another concert and meet him in person it would be a dream come true. Assuming I don't win: whoever does I'm really jealous of you but congratulations.