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  1. To be honest, I really didnt think to much of this. Everything seems off to me, and it doesn't sound right. Granted, the quality of the song is amazing, it sounds, like it is, professional. Still, it was hard for me to get into. Maybe i just need to listen to it more?
  2. I really enjoyed this song alot... The rapping is really solid too, i like how you double your voice on certain parts (Reminds me of Eminem songs)... i think it is pretty good, keep up the good work...
  3. LOL... DEH i thought i was hopeless.... and then, i clicked options and enabled it... DHRRRR... easier mixing for me...
  4. Wow... now i am having MIDI problems... i have a Soundblaster Live... anyone? nothing is working for Midis...
  5. Ohhhhh man! Am i a sucker for Orchestrated music... This song is great! i really liked the song you picked from the game, even though i havent played it. I think that this song shows that there doesnt need to be a lead in for a key change. I think its perfect the way it is. Composed really good, good soundfonts/samples. I recommend it to anyone who likes Orchestrated music. Like Tetsusan said, it isnt really a REMIX, its an arangement. But even DJP said that it should be called Overclocked Arrangement and not Overclocked Remix, but thats for a later date to be discussed... Great Work, ill expect more high quality arangements like this at a later date.
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