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  1. In it to win it and for the love of his music <3 Meeting Mr. Uematsu is actually something that is on my list of magical opportunities to strive for, unfortunately as I am still a student it is hard to save up for these concerts. I have almost gone to SF (love the bay area) but again budget gets in the way. This year I am very close to LA and might actually be able to save up for the September concert, ganbarimasu! I have always been enchanted by this composer's beautiful melodies and playful romanticism ever since I was a little girl playing the FF games. Although I am no longer a music major anymore I am extremely inspired by him for life in general and one day want to just tell him so. I am sure he gets a lot of people saying this kind of thing to him but I have the dire urge to at least give him a few words of deep gratitude and respect. Also, The Black Mages kick butt! If I can't make it this year my career and interests are going to lead me to Japan so one day maybe I can see a concert there ^ ^ ... Good luck everyone and hope you get to go in some capacity!