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  1. Yeah no problem, I still very much like it, just thought I'd give my two-cents at the tiny things that bugged me in case it matters at sometime.
  2. I think your long starting string ends too abruptly, any chance you could have a constant fade instead of what sounded like two quick cuts? The ending feels out of place... I think what would make it transition well is have the main song fade out completely. Then instead of bringing the main string in immediately, have it fade in slowly, but keeping the notes the same volume. Sorta like this: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4r5nar9z4ubqk4z (sorry for mediafire, Soundcloud doesn't like uploading on my work computer) Or anything else really, at the moment though it just comes back so abruptly that it feels like you're just looping the beginning (which it pretty much is).
  3. Funny, I thought the click at the beginning was apart of the mix, I actually liked it (considering I've grown tired of "fade-in" remixes). So perhaps utilize it in some way like having a tiny melody play before fading in the rest? I also like it because it helps me identify the song immediately instead of waiting for the volume to get high enough to be recognizable. It reminded me of another of my favorite Zelda dubstep remixes (prepare your speakers, it's loud) Overall I like where it's going. At about 1:18 where you get that extended note, I'd love to see some more bass pulled out of it and the ones like it. Perhaps where the song cuts off, you go back to about 0:21 so our ears can get some rest before picking back up for a more epic ending. The "I am ERROR" part is something I'm unsure about only because it isn't related to Zelda (if it is though let me know). This is my favorite build up to a one-liner in a remix (starts the buildup at 1:57). I can't quite put my finger on what makes me unsure about yours, perhaps the short build up arcade-ish noise could be built upon. There's nothing really wrong with that spot, I just feel it could better... in some way... Of course the song uses a lot of the source without too much interpretation, which I'm perfectly fine with, but OCremix may not be if you're planning on submitting. And I'd also point out that I'm not expert and that I don't make music myself, I just listen to a lot of video game remixes and am just letting you know what I personally would like to see to make this song 5 Stars on my iTunes, a definite feat. And the only reason I go through this trouble is because I like it as it stands and can't wait for another revision. Edit: Since people are bringing up the pauses (which I forgot to comment on), I say I kinda like them, but as always there's probably more you could do to them to make them more interesting. Maybe not a pause, but something else deviating from the norm Zelda style music.
  4. I like the idea of integrating the beginning into the end because I really like it and the song is on the shorter side already. It does seem to end abruptly.
  5. Love the song, but also want to emphasize this statement.
  6. I personally really like it and would love to use it in a few of my minecraft videos. Love the short intro before the voices and the remix still keeps the Minecraft vibe.
  7. Remember to take everything I said with a grain of salt Just giving my personal opinion and don't keep up to date with dubstep except through video game dubstep remixes And of course I'm accustomed to the first version so I may also be a little bit biased. Edit: Also, I think what they mean by not sounding dubstep enough was due to there not really being much bass. Cause we all know that's what dubstep is all about, right!?
  8. Don't post here often, but I go through the forums every once and a while to download remixes I like for my iTunes. I found your old version a while back and rated it 4/5 stars, so I'm looking forward to the update. Also, I'm no music expert, but I do listen to a lot of game remixes. Thoughts on old version: - I love the opening - The main theme of the song isn't really my style which is why I probably gave it 4 instead of 5. - The breakdown in the middle is fantastic. - Love the use of 'wubs' or 'silences' or whatever you'd call them in the first half of the song, it adds some needed variety. - The part where it picks up pace and and has that ambient sound in the back is also really good and builds up nicely to the pokemon sound (I believe you said that was what that was). The pokemon sound is just strange and pitched right to not grate the ears, and I personally like having it in the remix. - Then it goes back to the main theme, which seemed to be lacking in some way, and then finally the song has the cool outro. Now with that being said (and after just listening to the old one), here's my thoughts on the new one: - The drums just sound flat or something, especially when starting up around 1:23 where it gets a little distracting. (on further listening, I like the 'bassy' drum hit, but the higher pitched one sounds out of place for the tone of the song) - Don't like the drums at 2:02, again they sound flat and seem to cut off, I guess so did the old ones but they sounded more in place with the song (less intrusive). - The cymbal at 2:10 seems way out of place to me - Pokemon sound is now ear grating, I think the old one was perfect. Overall, I think what is clashing is the use of realistic sounding instruments with the weird bassy techno style the song seems to be going for. In the previous version the percussion seemed to be muted and in the background. They did need a little work because they sounded fake, but now they're too real . I do like the leveling and base improvements though. I do very much like the arrangement, which I guess means something since I have never heard the original soundtrack that this is based on.