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    The name is Doobie and I'm in the process of studying music with my free time. I'm currently learning the Bass guitar as well as the piano. I also write poetry and sometimes I will write video game inspired raps. Also, working on getting into speed running. First game will be Suikoden 2
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    Acoustic Bass

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  1. I'm not an artist but I'd love to see Suikoden get some love and an album would be awesome.
  2. I'm already super hyper stone hyped (see what I did there) for the TMNT4 album, printing that would be awesome. As far as other albums to print that are already done, I hope for the Badass Boss Themes album to be printed for a stretch goal
  3. Are we going to get jewel case or dvd case? Or is that not decieded yet?
  4. Hell yes! $50 on my part...again. SO DAMN EXCITED! FF6 is hands down my all time favorite of the series and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!
  5. I endorse this fully. One of the more obscure games to come out when I was a kid. Incorporating the sound fx like "Shake Shake!" would make it more interesting.
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