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    I am composing music, for computer games since 1995 :) Remember The Strangers and Napalm on Amiga? State of War on PC etc.
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  1. It sounds similar to Kurzweil's sample library Take 6.
  2. i have new tune with real ZX Spectrum 128k and C64
  3. one great composer told me this and really it helped me to get more natural strings: Make sure you use LASS supplied IRs with a good convolution reverb like Wizoo for the Early Reflections. This will place the sound in the correct position. For Late Reflections / Tail use an algorithmic reverb, like Lexicon or Bricasti M7. Another VERY VERY important thing is to make sure you have a subharmonic processor/synthesizer like the DBX 120A. Depending on the pace of your track/mix you might need to use in the end of your signal a very subtle transient designer to make the mix cleaner for other sounds. Otherwise i always analyse in SoundForge soundtracks i like, and i try to get that sort of sound.
  4. i have something like theme, which can be categorized as japanese RPG style, what do you think it is a dramatic piece, not very happy tune.
  5. Heya OCR crew, upon huge requests i released remastered edition of my soundtrack for very high-rated AMIGA realtime strategy (up to 99 % in reviews) Napalm. Here it is: If you like it a lot, you can support me, or feel free to remix any track, or part of a track. Cheers, Martin
  6. i have in my iPhone Secret of Mana, which have great main title! Thanks for tip, i'll check that Sword and try to arrange with my orchestral library.