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  1. oh okay i just forgot to laugh. and if the mods really care i have the logs and screenshots to show if "they was just joking" whatevs im done here
  2. i made the mistake of joining the chat room. someone started to attack me for no reason, i asked why, and got only ridicule as a response. I tried talking to this person like a real human being. Saying I also got problems. Its okay I will understand. But I just got ridiculed by the whole chat room. This is not something I would like to be affiliated with. I have already gotten bullied by people my whole life, and I do not intend to get bullied as an adult when I just try to be nice. I never did anything wrong. I have screenshots to proove it. I never did anything wrong. Thank you for this .
  3. please enjoy. While i enjoy both Chrome and Firefox - Internet Explorer seems to play youtube videos with the best quality.
  4. ok last question im trying to access the IRC chat but when i try the webchat, it connects and i can see all the users to the right. but when typing it just says "not connected to any channel" and when trying mIRC it says connection timed out www.esper.net
  5. May I ask you a question, you who listened to it. While Ive taken in your feedback I noticed noone mentioned anything about the mixing in that of basic bass-mid-treble stuff. How does it sound? To me it sounds A. Too loud. B. Too much sub-bass(0-70hz) not enough mid-bass(70-200hz) C. Not enough high-mid (2k-8khz) D. Too much treble on hihat (16k-18khz) Im asking if this is correct and what is your opinion. Because I tend to get stuck on the general mixing instead of being creative with the actual writing. Which is a huge pet-peeve of mine.. ps. I do hope you did download the MP3 and not list
  6. I think I got it!! Thank you very much for the very good examples/suggestions. Duly noted. Thank you, I think I might be falling for you lol. I have some very nice ideas now thanks to this wonderful feedback I got here. I shall return with hopefully a nice track. Btw I am calling the track Dreams Unfold as of right now, it might change though but probably Im gonna stick to it, I think the sample at the end of the song works well. ((PS. My favorite artist here and thus huge inspiration is Disco Dan. Especially Braving Tal Tal hights and Megaman 3 intro))
  7. hello! it seems to work now!! thanks!! and another thing when i post in my thread every other post it comes up a notice that the post must be moderated before it becomes visible.. then next post seems to work
  8. okay so yeah.. basically the remix I submit must be a.. remix.. And at the other side of the spectrum, it cannot be a unique song, with a few notes taken from the source either. got it.
  9. hmm seems im having troubles posting... trying again.. seems to work now. Im curious to know how that is measured. And how it is even possible to measure to the point where you can distinguish from 48% to 50%. Do you count the notes in a bar, and then compare to the original and see if at least 50% of the notes match? Im not sure I get it, and on the "Submission Standards" page there was no mention of any of this. Just that "The amount of arranged source material must be substantial enough to be recognized." thanks
  10. i think i have messed up something. The threads are in the wrong order! Newest post comes first, and the OP is the last post!! How do I change it back! I googled like a madman couldnt find anything... Help me change it back please!! Thank you!
  11. Not a problem! I thought it was very good feedback hehe. It was a bit ego-shrinking when he assumed I didnt have alot of experience and knowledge about music production, but that is okay Im not offended I dont really spend that much time on musicproduction that I would like.. so even though I have been around playing with production since ReBirth in 1998, I havent spend much time with it. So I both have experience, at the same time I have very little experience. And thank you for your backpat, very nice of you
  12. Thank you! Quite a bit of a welcome I must say! Extremely positively suprised and happy about the response so far. I was afraid at first that thread stayed quiet for over a week. I guess I was a bit impatient! Thats right, and retrospectively Im very glad I did, because I got so great feedback from it.
  13. Thank you very much for your time. Your feedback is appreciated and I agree the most part of the arrangement is lacking quite a bit. I will go back to the writingboard. Good feedback. Thank you very much for the feedback. I take it, agree with it, and feel I now have concrete things to work on. You gave me a great idea for the long tailed notes. I will try and chop them up to make it more interesting than just a long note, and I'll also try some pitch-bending. Thanks for the inspiration. Its a nice set of ears you got there, and the forum is glad to have you! Impressive feedback. While my al
  14. i think is really nice! good job'! better than many remixes on ocremix already!! so sad to see no activity on this forum 100+ views and not ONE comment
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