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  1. I finally finished the song that I mentioned was dedicated to Uematsu and posted it on his facebook page and on youtube. Check it out! It's called "Original Battle Theme - Edge of Night." I so badly want to want to compose music, especially for video games, that I do not intend to ever give up, so I'm sure I will cross paths with the legend himself one way or another as long as I keep trying.
  2. I definitely share Uematsu's passion for composing wonderful video game music. I recently joined Youtube and put out a song that I made with Final Fantasy and Uematsu in mind (it is called "Original Battle Music - Violin Electronica"), and I am currently working on one right now that I specifically made for him, hoping that one day I could donate it to his general music or to a Final Fantasy project. I would love to see how he would change/use it in the video game world. You are a hero, Nobuo Uematsu, and you are living a magical dream! I don't know which would be better: meeting him or working with him from afar. Either way, I'll take any chance I get because he has greatly influenced my passion for battle music in particular and I would not be where I am already today without him or his team. Also, thank you OverClocked and Distant Worlds for even allowing us this chance to interact with such a man.
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