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  1. Here is another idea spawned out of the depths of my brain-space: Twanga bass à la Keisuke Tsukahara.
  2. Just an update to what's going on with this track. I'm going to upload a new mix soon. I feel that I haven't carved enough space in the waveform for the individual instruments, and my mix is a bit muddy in places where all the parts sort of mangle in together, and it makes it hard to distinguish between the parts. This has particularly affected my lead synth in the main riff/chorus sections. I'm quite pleased with this little revelation of mine (came up with it in the pub), and hopefully I should be able to improve my mix. As always, any feedback and critique is much appreciated.
  3. All the individual parts of this song here are very clear in the mix, which is great, and sets a massive sound for this song right from the start. Thumbs up from me here. The bass is very VERY artificial sounding, but you know that anyway! MIDI bass rarely fits well into compositions in my opinion, but although what you have here sounds very fitting with the piece, I have one piece of constructive criticism. My pointer is the same as one previously mentioned on this thread, and get another bass voice with pops in there, and possibly some string slide noise too. Chop and change this with your
  4. Thanks for this Metaphist. Certainly something I shall be bearing in mind. I already had prospects of possibly rearranging, but your comment is hopefully steering me in the right direction a bit. I'm confident that I understand what the production tools in Logic and Reason do, and how to use them, but I severely lack confidence in saying "That's a good mix". Can anyone give me any pointers on what this track needs doing production-wise (if anything?). Cheers all.
  5. Hello all, This is my first ever post, so to start with, I'll introduce myself as Tomaaato, I am a keyboard player and bassist. Great to meet you all too =] I have been working on a remix of Cyans theme from Final Fantasy VI, and my work in progress can be heard here: http://soundcloud.com/tomaaato/mr-thou For reference, here is a link to the original: http://ocremix.org/chip/6384 I am by no means a professional musician, however I would like to use this opportunity to improve my mix prior to official submission. Let me know if you liked it, hated it, whatever, I'm happy to hear what peo
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