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  1. I think it's a combination of more liberal/wider reverb in the originals, plus a sort of downsampled fuzziness that I didn't recreate. But I know what you mean. Thanks for catching that missing song, forgot to add it to the playlist.
  2. Thanks, Darke. I studied X1 quite closely to get the sound down, and balance it with originality.
  3. 35 original tracks from the X1 soundset. Enjoy! YouTube playlist | Bandcamp download
  4. Just an FYI that I just finished posting all the character themes so far. Link is still in the previous post.
  5. Thanks for the words, man. If the first track's your favorite, you'll probably also really like the last, since they are structurally similar ...which is also the other female character...didn't even realize that coincidence until now! Guess it was subconscious... I'm debating whether to just post em all or wait a bit and tinker.
  6. Updated! Will post the other track a bit later to round out the first wave, and give a little more insight on their character.
  7. Quite lovely. Definitely something I throw into a playlist whilst chillaxin. I felt like it got a bit repetitive around the 3:00 mark, like the part that picks up around 4:00 should have came it around then to break it up. Other than that, pretty sweet man.
  8. Might post a couple more up later tonight. Next two are both very X'ey in different ways, couple of my favorites for what I've done so far.
  9. Such a resounding response! Well, anyway, I'm posting some of the tracks up gradually here if anyone fancies a listen: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=48399
  10. A little project for fun - thought up some X characters so I could compose themes for them. Using an MMX soundfont found around the web, and a couple custom rips from a friend, in FL Studio. Most of the writing is done, but I'm having trouble getting the exact character of the X instruments down. I got a handle on the echo/detune tricks used throughout the ost, but there's a certain sort of timbre that's just different when you side by side the rips to the originals. I think it's a specific application of reverb...So, feedback appreciated. Trying closely for the X sound and also obeying the 8
  11. I have a little project set in the X universe similar to what Xavier Dang did with Mega Man. I made up 8 mavericks of my own to compose level themes for as a fun exercise, though I might do a full soundtrack eventually. I thought it would be cool to find an artist to illustrate the characters too. If anyone here is interested, or knows someone who likes to draw X, post or hit me up. Not all the themes are 100% but I can definitely post some up if anyone is interested.
  12. Ha, getting a sort of Pilotwings 64 vibe from this. You had reservations about the sample quality, but this is a perfect example of samples that just gel for a complete sounding experience. Style is a thing! Super smooth, insta download, good stuff.
  13. I'd like to hear you get a little more flourishy in the quiet piano sections, in the spirit of Jazz (especially in the last section). Solo section is great and transitions well back into the source - I don't think it's a problem. Very nice take on the theme
  14. Pretty much done, but still open to feedback. Definitely need a name. Have a few in mind, but thought it'd be fun to shop around. http://music.metaphist.com/music/wip/metaphist-green-hill-zone-wip.mp3
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