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  1. Hi all, back with another original song, this is an uplifting trance song. been working feverishly on it the last few days and finally it's complete! let me know what you all think
  2. Hi all, this song is pretty rough around the edges but it's not really anywhere near completion yet. this is a remake of a remix i have already done of this song. Mainly i'm uploading this to get some feedback on if the new one is better and what i should change and such. here is the old one: and the new: and i almost forgot, the original: edit: i just realized that for whatever reason the ambient swamp noise in the background of the first one is not in the second one..but it should be. just try to imagine another layer of ambiance there.. =/
  3. yeah i'm thinking the eq might be the best way to go, when i made this track i knew basically nothing about mixing and mastering. i still don't know much, but i know enough that i could improve upon the bass some.
  4. thanks, yeah the bass is, well, terrible lol. i sucked at basslines, they're still one of my weaker points. but whenever i change it, it seems to lose the deep, dark sound. still trying to figure out how to remedy that. thanks for the warm welcome, and if you'd like to hear what my recent work sounds like you can check out my soundcloud which i linked in the first post, although i don't upload much there. this song is my most recent, and best work:
  5. thanks a lot! that's better feedback than i was expecting lol. i definitely agree about the break, that was always an issue i had with this song. but this is an old song and i didn't really have much experience with changing the energy levels and such, if i were to ever complete a newer version of this i would definitely expand on that part and extend it out longer. interesting thought about the bpm.. that never occured to me, but it's something i'll have to check out. thanks again for the feedback.
  6. Hi everyone, i wanted to share this trance remix of this song from donkey kong country 2. the original song itself isn't that exciting or anything, but i thought that it had all the right atmospheric elements to become a great trance song, and hopefully i was right. this song is pretty old and the quality is, well, pretty bad. my skills have definitely improved since then. however, quality issues aside this is still probably my favorite song that i've made. i don't plan on actually submitting this song or anything. more than anything else this is just my introduction into the community. i have been working on remaking this song again, properly mixed and overall just better quality, however no matter what i do, it always seems to lose the feel that this one creates, so a remake is on hold for now. anyway, here's the source: and here's a youtube and soundcloud link. sorry for the low volume, but there's nothing i can do about it now =/
  7. Sunn


    Anyone ever played this game on the SNES? It's actually a really fun game, one of my childhood favorites, and large part of the reason why is the atmosphere it creates. the scenery, combined with the soundtrack, works wonders. pretty much every song in the game is infectious and a good song, and i was actually surprised to see that there are no remixes of this game whatsoever. some have the potential to become really good songs too. for example, this is probably my favorite from the game (the rest of the songs have been uploaded by the same person if you want them)
  8. hi all. been an avid gamer for as long as i can remember, starting with super mario world back in the day. also had a passion with computers ever since we got our first modem back in the day. lastly, i had a passion for music my entire life, though i never learned an instrument. well, eventually all 3 passions combined, and i started making music (a little over a year ago i think). when i was starting out and had no idea what i was doing, i figured that the best way to learn was by recreating what already existed and what i knew was good music. so i tried recreating professional songs (mostly trance), and game music. as i grew, instead of 'remaking' the songs, i was 'remixing' them, expanding my skills. now i'm working on original material all the time, but there's nothing like a little remixing to keep things interesting, learn new things, and expand my comfort zone.