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  1. Have you done Jin's theme? Btw, remix was nice..
  2. Guitarist here.. ^^ Though it ain't just all metal a fiddle with. I play various genres depending on the requirement I'm given on a certain project.
  3. (for the download: http://soundcloud.com/mister-jump-man/kusabi-sakuraba-medley) Hello there guys.. I'm working on this 4 piece song medley consisting of Motoi Sakuraba scores (Star Ocean 2nd Story Battle Theme, Valkyrie Profile Battle Theme, Star Ocean Till The End Of Time Battle Theme and Star Ocean Last Hope Battle Theme) Let me know what you think guys. Comments and suggestions (which I really really need to brush up my new skills.. Though it is still lacking some parts (especially the Guitar part which I will be doing very soon).. It will be BKMJMBOXish approach. Thanks!
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