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  1. alright fair enough man. Well, I will probably take a couple of days then. Gotta move to school and everything anyway. Ha...

  2. Okay, well we can just do paypal. Can we do anything like an 70 percent now, 30 when I get it? I mean, I don't really wanna get screwed over either. Not that you would do that, but just it's a bit scary to pay everything before it's shipped for me.

  3. Well, it looks pretty decent to me. Any wear and tear or damage? how would you want to do the transaction?

  4. Looks good. Any damage or wear or anything? Where is it shipping from?

  5. Okay, well I'm pretty serious about it. I think it looks like a pretty good deal myself. Do you have any pics uploaded you may be able to send me?

  6. Hey, so about that monitor... sold yet?