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  1. I caught up to the most current episode in Hajime no Ippo: Rising! after taking about a month to watch all of Hajime no Ippo and Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger from the beginning. I really enjoy the show. As for FMA:B I just though it was a little to curt of an ending. Maybe I'm too caught up in philosophical ramblings and whatnot, but I just didn't think there was an exciting conclusion to match the strength of the rest of the show.
  2. Sorry, I didn't think much of the ending of FMA: Brotherhood. The rest of the show is incredible though. I recently watched all of Hajime no Ippo and caught up to where they are at on the newest season. I love it. My backlog of anime is huge. Dying to watch Kill la Kill, Coppelion, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Gailei Donna, and after reading up on Nagi no Asukara I want to start that one up too. And despite the puke-inducing 3D of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, I want to watch Battleship the Anime more than I can say. However my upcoming PCAT and my far-too-frequent Physical and Inorganic Chemistry exams have been hindering me to no end. At this point it's just a wishlist. And for what it's worth Halcyon, I always enjoyed reading your reviews!
  3. I'm here to second the claim that MMZ/X are incredible games. I also prefer the first one, but they are both super solid games, and I have always been pretty bummed that they pretty much stopped making them. And after I worked so hard to beat it on expert and get that secret ending scene D:
  4. Wow, somebody actually ponied up the 10k for a dinner with Keiji. Makes me wish I could afford a bit more than 20$. Here's hoping this gets all the scratch it needs and more!
  5. Oh shit, I LOVE Mercenary! The last album of theirs that I heard was Architect of Lies though, and I love the hell out of that album. Will definitely have to pick this up. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
  6. I wasn't thinking they were lying about the disc, it just seems strange to me that they are selling a new game as used. Normally this wouldn't be strange to me, but since used game sales are much more profitable for them, it just seemed very weird to me. However, like I said earlier it could just be me over thinking it. Also, Brush says it happens so maybe my friend really did just get lucky by getting a disc someone decided not to play after buying it.
  7. Okay, here is something that has been sort of bothering me. Yesterday I went to Gamestop with my friend and he picked out a couple of used games to buy, one being the Witcher 2 for Xbox. While he was waiting in line another friend of mine came in who I went to talk to while my other friend was checking out. When my friend was done we left Gamestop and he proceeded to tell me how he really "lucky" because he had got a brand new disc for the Witcher 2. The lady working there told him that apparently someone had bought the Witcher, opened the case, and returned it about an hour later without even playing the game, so despite being sold as "used" it was actually brand new. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but this story sounds dodgy as shit to me. It sounds way too convenient for Gamestop that something like this happened and I just can't bring myself to believe that someone bought the game to open it and return it. So there is my 2 cents
  8. This is actually a really cool idea, though I don't think they would offer such a high discount on the games. But even if it was 50% and upward I would buy several of the old games I owned. I'm a hoarder as well - been gaming since the days of Super Nintendo and I have never intentionally thrown away a case (family not included) or resold a single game, so I would be one happy camper!
  9. F*CKIN Phoenix Wright x Professor Layton! I couldn't be happier! Owning a 3DS is so good right now!
  10. Yeah, I don't really care too much about the story mode for SSB. I only ever really play through it to unlock characters. I just want to hear this music again - If this is back in there, you can do whatever you want Nintendo!
  11. SO! I got to see Pacific Rim tonight for some reason! I thought it came out on the 12th, but if they really wanna show it on the 11th.... Anyway, I thought it was pretty great. I dunno if it's the fuel of human dreams or whatever Kojima was saying, but it was definitely a cool movie, even though I thought the ending was a little bit weak. It's a fantastic slugfest of monsters and robots though, and did we really need anything else? That, and I got that sweet poster by the MGS artist as well! XD
  12. Yeah, I'm excited to try out Valkyria Chronicles myself. I bought it about a year ago and brought it over to my parents house and I lost it. I did my best doing that thing where you don't want to buy another because you know it will show up, but I decided I may as well support a game that's (supposedly) really cool, so after a year I have purchased it again. As you may be able to imagine, I refuse to take it over to my parents house....
  13. nvmd i got one myself. I got extra pipes, hidden blocks and virtual boys though for anyone who will take em...
  14. I'd like that Toad hat, but I don't really have anything to offer you in return... Unless you want an S.S. Dolphin or something?
  15. What?! But... How!? Tangy's in MY town! What black magic is this?! She even said Marshal and I were her best friends. Is my Animal Crossing village built on a lie?
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