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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, djpretzel!

    Happy Birthday, oh epic one.
  2. so, I'm loving this contest. ....and I'm actually surprised I never signed up for this forum before...considering how much I download from here, lol. I am @mrslisting on twitter, ocremix peopleeee. totally referred and got to know this site by @_jamesramirez_, whom I'm sure you know is a mega MEGA fan via twitter. xD he and I are actually going to Otakon for the first time! (he's traveling from Ohio, I'm coming from New Jersey). so we would LOVE to go see Mr. Uematsu <3 it would be amazing! we love all his music, and have appreciated it in every Final Fantasy. seeing him in concert would be such an honor. well, thanks guys for the opportunity and good luck to everyone in the contest!