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  1. Hi, any chance you'll offer the djpretzel and Mazedude (or any remixer) wav files for download? Or FLAC versions of those wav files? I know the torrents keep getting updated with better mp3 files from these originals...so how about just releasing the originals? I'd love to have lossless copies of these remixes. Thanks!
  2. Oh hell yeah! Thank you sir! Many thanks to both of you for this...it means a lot.
  3. Hi LiquidRain, just wanted to say thanks for keeping the stream going. Did you ever hear anything on the old Ormgas commercials? I understand they aren't right for the Rainwave stream, but I'd still love to have a copy of them. There was a Phantasy Star one that I particularly miss...
  4. Hi, does anyone have a copy of the old Ormgas commercials? They used to play every so often back when the stream was still at Ormgas. I don't think I've heard them while listening to the Rainwave stream. Maybe I haven't listened long enough to hear them, if they are in the rotation. Thanks.
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