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  1. hey there, unfortunately, I did submit a updated 2009 version, but was shot down by the judges lol, IMO if you liked this very old version, the new one would've interested you . Better sounds and less repetition. If you want i can email you the new one or you can check it out at vgmix here: http://www.vgmix.com/members/279/audio.php thats my main page, and the ninja gaiden updated mix is here: http://www.vgmix.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=279&song_id=149
  2. fair enough..i always appreciate your criticism.. i dont know i guess its that i just dont have that creativity in me for producing.. its fun to make the tracks and stuff.. i guess i get stuck at times
  3. thanks man..much appreciated ..
  4. just wanted to try another attempt at a remix lol..i loved this game..and the music hope you all enjoy http://www.vgmix.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=279&song_id=848
  5. oh wow cool , i went there, i had no idea the song was already remixed..and thanks for the site..didnt know it existed !!! lol, my problem is the time..and LAZINESS..im sorry if it stays at its current version for a while or even for good... ( hope i can get back into it though)..if it ever changes though you'll know cuz im sure theres not gonna be alot of remixes for this anyway...not THAT well known of a game..but those of us who KNEW it , know it was a pretty decent game...
  6. thanks alot..when i get more time ill try to add more to it, and possibly attempt at submitting to OCR.. but they're really strict..i had 2 mixes recently shot down, rejected, but anyway yeah the midnight resistance track was pretty cool, thats why i choose it..love the melody.. ill see what else can be done with it man thanks again !!
  7. really? thanks man you are too kind.. i myself felt that this was one of my more " cheesier" remixes.. but i always say to myself if even just one person finds it decent then thats sufficient enough for me...thanks again for commenting on my other WIPs as well... from the sound of your comments..u definetly know what you're talking about
  8. hey thanks for the feedback..as i said it was a quickie..or i guess u could call it a WIP, i guess i could try to build more onto it..might beef it up a bit probably...thanks again
  9. this is just what i call a " quickie" i probably wont even submit it to OCR, but those who wanna check it out you can download it and give your opinions on it..thanks! http://www.vgmix.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=279&song_id=728
  10. hey guys, here's another quickie i made of this pretty decent game for genesis, not much variation from the original, but i thought it would be cool to do..since i havent really heard ANY mixes at all of this game.. enjoy.. feedback appreciated... http://www.vgmix.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=279&song_id=715
  11. i really appreciate all the feedback, you guys are great.. only thing is i guess i'll stick to remixing on a personal level... i do it for plain and simple fun and to play songs from my favorite old games.. if its not enough.. i guess i should just quit.. standards are pretty high i guess as u mentioned...i'm just a guy who can play a few chords , do a few beats ..but guess they're too simple for the standards...ill probably, strive and try a little more..but the end result , if my mixes are just not acceptable, is retirement from the community, and ill just be a listener..would never stop coming back to OCR though.. thanks guys..
  12. thanks for your comments..much appreciated.. i definetly feel u on that...
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