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  1. Hehe next time I'll make my own thread Thanks for voting! I "liked" your entry, too. Good to see you've now made it to #15, keep it up
  2. Sorry, I thought it would be better to have just one thread about this contest
  3. Hey everyone, first of all: Cool voice, Tommy! Good luck with making the Top20, you are very close I got a friend of mine to participate in the contest. Her submission is excellent and should definitely be in the Top20, but we obviously suck at promoting, so the entry is only at #69. Check it out here: I'd like some feedback please. IMO her entry is in a different league, even compared to most of the current Top20. Not only does she have a great voice, but the vocal melody is well thought out, too (most of the submissions I've heard sound completely improvised and lack direction). Or am I just being biased?