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    I study foreign languages and write music, and generally work on projects and small jobs to avoid the Real World until I receive a revelation of my life purpose, or find peace playing guitar from a street box.
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  1. Also, thanks, glad you liked my guitar work :)

  2. Yeah, I used to hang around and do a bit of EB hacking. In fact, is how I found OCR.

  3. I am! I used to be pretty active on the forums and IRC, but that was quite a while ago-- before the current incarnation of the site. Were you around back then?

    Love the guitar on you and djpretzel's Chrono Trigger town mix by the way; I tried to learn to play that myself a few years back.

  4. Thanks! Heh, I'm actually really surprised anybody has been able to guess the intended meanings of pieces. I thought it would just be interesting to see how people's guesses and original intentions compare / contrast, but some people have blown me away with their ability to guess with great specificity what the piece was meant to be about. It still blows my mind that somebody guessed "lemonade" perfectly... I agree that the flow needs some work, but I'm a bit confused by your suggestion. Each time you click 'random' you get a page where you can both listen and guess, and from there it's one click either to loading a new piece in that page or going to the piece's page. How I'm reading it, it sounds like that's what you described -- could you clarify that a bit?
  5. Out of curiosity, is this the same GuyInSummers who did the text compressor on

  6. Over the past few months I had envisioned a website where people could submit short (~20s) pieces of music they had composed that, to the best of their abilities, captured the essence of some single idea, to explore the remarkable way music can have meaning to its listeners. The idea stemmed from a game my friend and I would play where we’d each have an instrument and be given a random noun, and had to try and express that noun – something like musical pictionary. Since I couldn’t find anything quite like that online, I decided to sit down and build it, and now the website ( is alive and ready to start rolling. I mention it here particularly because, going back, the inspiration really comes from video games – part of what made the gaming experience so captivating to me was the way the music could turn text and graphics into worlds and experiences. It made the Ice Forest from Secret of Mana beautifully cold and lonely; it made Zero from the MMX series exude pure kickass, and everything about EarthBound's Twoson was just perfect. Since I’m sure many of you share that appreciation, I thought perhaps this would be a good place to invite interested people to help get the site going. Additionally, writing twenty-second pieces is a great way to practice various aspects of composing that doesn't take long but still gives you a sense of accomplishment and a way to get feedback. It’s very small now, but I’m hoping some day it’ll grow into an active community with a piece for whatever you could think of. I’m also very interested in feedback, since I have no idea what I’m doing in terms of being a webmaster. How can I improve the site? What should I keep in mind to do or not do? How does one typically solve the user-generated content bootstrapping problem of needing lots of users to get lots of content and lots of content to attract lots of users? I apologize if this sort of post is not allowed here; I suppose this is advertising... this is my first time trying to build a web community and I don't honestly know how you're supposed to get people to know about your site. I am genuinely interested in feedback and discussion regarding the idea and webmastering in general, not just in attracting potential members. I hope to become an active member of OCRemix too, but if I wait to post this until I have a posted remix, my site may be dead by then...