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    I was an early contributor to O.C. Remix. Shortly thereafter, I was widely regarded as a terrible musician in the video game remixing community. I am currently known for making Ambient music, some of which is video game covers, though I have begun focusing heavily on chiptunes lately. I am currently unavailable for collaboration, as all of my equipment is in a separate location from my body.
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  1. Hey, this is a really neat concept and I dig your tunes! I can't seem to get Bandcamp working on this computer for some reason, but I'm listening on Youtube. If I have money again, you bet your album's on my list! I'm actually currently working on some original chiptunes for the Famicom and keep designing a game concept around them, though I have no programming skill whatsoever. I think I'm hoping for a video game programming prince to sweep my concept off its feet, though it would probably have to be a digital release since I'm using the VRC6 chip, which can not be utilized on the NES.
  2. Yeah, I was working on stuff with similar tunings and sine, sawtooth, and square waves, samples of guitar and bass, vocals, and drums, but I started focusing on the sine waves because they have the most pronounced difference between tunings, and I eventually ended up with a concept album based around pure, calm sine waves. It's supposed to be something of a dream. As far as the switch to Maya, it means a lot of things to me. From the standpoint of making an artistic statement, Maya is the concept of reality's existence as an illusion in Hinduism (which fits the album's concept perfectly) and is a female name, which is fitting, given how gentle and passive the album is. From the standpoint of reality, Maya is the name I've been using here and there for the past two years as I've been struggling with my gender identity.
  3. Hey, old partner in crime. I see you're still around the video game remixing people. Would you like to promote or bash my new almost-album? I posted about it here:

    In case you forgot, I was that person who called to hang out in Seattle, but we couldn't because your parents were afraid I would molest you. :)

  4. Hello. I used to be around here as T.M. Revolutionary and on as Mich Zimmerman. I just finished a rather pretty ambient album and, in the process, created a side-album of video game covers using the same concept. They're not remixes (though I'm not sure what that even means, necessarily), but I thought there may be one or two people here who would appreciate them. You can download the album for free or stream it also for free at Those familiar with my previous work will find it pretty much the exact opposite. It's extremely minimalist and uses dynamic just intonation tunings. I know how critical the response here can be and I expect no less. Please, feel free to say things hurtful both toward my work and myself as a person. If just one person finds enjoyment in what I've done, it will be worth as many arrows as can be flung.