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  1. Ragnarock

    Cave Story (ones not in the remix project)

    Thanks, I totally overlooked the second project.
  2. Ragnarock

    Megaman Zero 4: Esperanto

    Sorry for posting so many ideas, but if I don't post them, I'll forget. Anyway, Esperanto is the name of the song that plays at the second opening stage, the one at Area Zero. This is probably my favorite song in the game, though most of the other songs in the OST are also notable. here's the source: I really have no ideas about arrangement, I'd just like to hear a good ReMix of it. Good luck!
  3. Ragnarock

    Mega Man X series: Maverick Rising - History

    It's a big fort.
  4. This song just popped into my head the other day, and I realized that it could turn into a decent ReMix. It seems like it might transfer well into a vocal Mix, but I'm sure other types would work, too. OCR has several Sonic Adventure ReMixes, but none from its sequel, which also had notable songs in its OST. Good luck, guys!
  5. Ragnarock

    Mega Man X series: Maverick Rising - History

    I don't know, I think the whole thing gives off a Full-Metal Alchemist type of vibe. I rather like it!
  6. Cool stuff, now all we need is an Egg Rocket Zone Remix!
  7. Ragnarock

    Mega Man X series: Maverick Rising - History

    Oh yeah, I remember this song from... was it X5? I used to got to that level and just stand there, listening to the music.
  8. Wow... just... wow. This... is awesome. I didn't think that that theme could get any better, but... wow, was I wrong...
  9. Ragnarock

    Cave Story (ones not in the remix project)

    Thanks! I considered doing it myself, but I'd rather someone do a really high-quality version than me doing it probably not as well. Also, I was mistaken about Last Cave being left out of the Remix Project, the song Almost There is a remix of it. Another ReMix of this source would be great, though.
  10. Don't get me wrong, the Remix Project that k-wix & friends did was great, but there were several notable songs left out. Specifically, these: Scorching Back: Jenka 1&2: AND , respectively.Last Cave: I don't have any ideas for styles for any of these songs, except for Last Cave, which I can imagine being done in a "Hotel California" type style, all accoustic and... stuff.
  11. Ragnarock

    Mega Man X series: Maverick Rising - History

    Can't wait! Love me some Megaman X Mixes!
  12. This is the ReMix that brought me to the site, and as such, combined with the sheer epicness of Zero, this is one of my favorite songs here. Great job, Darkesword.
  13. Ragnarock

    Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

    Finally got it the day after Christmas. Fayette on Lord Adraas or Mizuchi on Ebon Hawk.
  14. Ragnarock

    mod-review Land of the Beans (M&L: Superstar Saga)

    I can respect that. Good luck! WHEN this song is accepted, I'll be one the first to download it.