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  1. I am interested in your services as well.
  2. This looks awesome; thank you for posting. I'll definitely save up for this.
  3. @timaeus222 What do you think of the A20 amp? This deal looks pretty sweet.
  4. I've just about had it with how garbage my mixes are; after (finally) getting serious about mixing and trying to learn mastering, I've realized that my headphones (Sennheiser HD202s) are the main limiting factor (other than my ears, but I've just about given up on that). I'm looking at these headphones as they seem to be excellent for critical listening, but I've read that I'll probably need an amp as well. I can spare $200 but $480 is too much. So, do I really need the amp? I'm at the point where my low-mid-heavy cans are simply not doing it anymore and I want something that I can use forever; is it worth taking the plunge?
  5. Got a drumline project and a Layers of Fear remix to work on... don't think I will make it this round. Maybe I'll do something quick and goofy
  6. Hello all, If you're interested in daily composition challenges and have yet to find one you like, you might find this one interesting. At the very least you might find their themed challenges (write a song with a melody starting on beat 2 or 3, write a new theme song for the Pokemon games, etc) inspiring (you have to go to the main site and sign up for emails but it's worth it). Signup
  7. Submitted this for MnP and I'm wondering if it has some potential. Fire away. Original:
  8. I understand the fundamentals of borrowed chords but is there some logic or pattern to implementing them? I get overwhelmed with the possibilities.
  9. Terrible joke mixes for April fools
  10. That was disgusting This is MnP 69. I believe I sent you the link to the week's theme? Apparently in FB's on this day a friend said I had 69 friends 4 years ago...
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