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  1. Hello, my name is magicalDANI13, I answer to Dani. I'm a 21 year old, Computer Science / English major and music minor. I've been a musician for 13 years and I've been composing and mixing going on 4 years. I'm not new to the OCRemix scene for I have been listening to the music here for some time and have been lurking these forums for a while as well. My specialty in music is Electronic / Ambient and I am a Fruity Looper! I get my inspiration from artists like Yasutaka Nakata and Masashi Hamauzu.
  2. This is a track from my current project called RE:newal -sekai alternum eterna- or -SAE- which is a flipside project in response to my cosmic and uplifting project RE:newal. My goal in -SAE- was embracing a subgenre of music I dont normally compose in, which is something a bit more dark and a little eccentric. -SAE- is an alternate universe that describes another part of me that is a little bit "out there". However, traces of RE:newal are still imprinted onto -SAE-, so that uplifting feeling can be experienced at times. This song, AETHER, is a description of the deception and wonders of -SAE-. I hope you can feel the calling of this alternate dimension and do not fall prey to it's tricks, but can still admire it's beauty from a distance. This is the final version of this track, however I will greatly appreciate criticism and commit them to my memory for any of my future songs and projects.