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  1. Haha, I noticed your message on DjP's visitor's board. Not sure if he answered it for you or not, but the short of it is that this isn't a site where you upload music. You submit the music in question and a panel of judges do a quality control evaluation of the track (which is very stringent, by the way). If the song passes the examination, then it goes on a waiting list for music to be posted on the front page.

    It's a pretty long process, but it's for the sake of quality control - hopefully it's for the best. If you want evaluation before submitting, though (saves time, as getting to the panel takes months, in itself) you can post your remix to the WIP boards where people like myself will let you know what the judges will say about it.

    For more details about submission standards, check out this link.


    Best of luck.

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