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  1. Love this, what is the source? Also, I didn't think that the quieter rhythm guitars during the piano section were that big an issue - came natural to me that the lead should be focused at. Then again, I'm not an expert, just saying it sounded right to my ear.
  2. Which one in particular? There are multiple basslines going on in the song, so that I knew what exactly I've done right. Glad to hear that, even moreso given the fact that this is one of my first creations not only in FL Studio, but overall. Also happy that the instruments sound right, as I consider the choice and the shaping of these my biggest weakness. I know, right? I brought the song to its climax in 1:24 and I was like Well, now what? I guess that some additional planning beforehand as for where I want to go with the song might actually be beneficial. Concerning the samples yo
  3. Hello there I'm trying my hand at music production, since I'm quite new to this all, and I've decided to go ahead and remix one of my favourite game themes - the UNATCO Theme from Deus Ex - in FL Studio. It's probably a bit of a short one by your standards - only 2 minutes - so there's no excuse. I'd be most grateful if you could drop some feedback as for what you did / didn't like, so that I knew what to improve on. Original: Remix: http://soundcloud.com/witiko/unatco-theme-remix
  4. Well, isn't it always? One always needs determination & persistence no matter how talented he may be in a particular area. A lot of people think of programming as of an automated and purely-logical work. While there are some base rules (the extent of which depends on the flavour - f.ex. stuff like Lisp / Scheme can be practically anything you want it to be), it's entirely up to the programmer what he does with the language. LEGO might be a good analogy. Also, setting declarative programming aside, both in music and programming one wants to achieve certain effect. But with both one needs to
  5. neblix: Thanks for the clueful answer. Interesting articles. The one written by zircon explains compression very cleanly beside which it also contains a lot of various production tips athwart the spectrum. It is. But it sure makes things harder in the beginnings, as it is then, when taking things on faith is most tempting in an effort to hasten the progress and get better results. There is a lot of various suggestions in the article, as I've already mentioned, which are hard to absorb all at once. I guess I'll just keep on producing stuff and continue returning to it throughout the process.
  6. Hello there, Allow me to introduce myself - I'm Witiko, a 19yrs old creative soul from Southern Bohemia, who - among other things - revels in programming, working with graphics, videos and music. While with graphics I usually "just" edit pictures, play with colors, various effects and create collages - I'm not a great draftsman - I wanted to take my relish in music a bit beyond clipping in Audacity. My skills: a former viola player, an enthusiast wannabe pianist and guitar strummer have some basic understanding of the music theory. Intervals, harmony, scales, musical modes, accord types and
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