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  1. Gentlemen. My name is Marcos, but I prefer to be called ShadTK. I'm from Brazil, São Paulo. I've met ocremix a long time ago, subscribing on the youtube channel. I don't remember when I subscribed, but I like most of the musics you guys do. Speaking of music, I've aways been a video game music enthusiast. There's no better feeling in the world then listening to a track while watching a fitting situation, and god does videogames know how to bring this feeling up. Overall, I love earthbound, sonic, touhou, metroid, zelda, patapon, as well as many other series, and the biggest reason for me to love most of them is their soundtracks. For me, if I'm forced to play a game without it's original soudtracks(both music and SFX), i'd rather not play it at all. I'm still in need of playing chrono trigger tough. The game have amazing soundtracks, but I never got enough time to play it. Unfortunatly, this is both my pride and my sine, as I tend to stay a LOT of time listening to VGM and tend to ignore more "popular" music. I find myself ignoring many important pieces, from classic works of bethoven to "popular" band works of these days such as metallica, because of my preference to the VGM's. It's pretty obivous that I have some trouble on general music conversations, as I can't keep up with anything that haven't been introduced to me by videogames. Speaking of bands, favorite here is Crush 40. I play piano/keyboard since I have 5 years old, but I stopped at the age of 9. After almost 10 years, I picked up an old keyboard, and here I am playing it again. I'm learning how to play a trumpet for my main "air-based" instrument, and I'm thinking of getting a cello as main chord instrument. And i'm wondering if I should be taking some basic drum classes just to get the hang of drum patterns, as well as some singing classes, but nothing really serious. I don't have a clue on how can I compose using the bread'n butter softwares (guitar pro, cubase, flstudio), and to make the matter worse, my keyboard have no midi output (it's THAT old), so I gotta learn at the hard-mouse way. Currently, I'm experimentating with FL studio, but as I said, I'm clueless on how to use the program. Sound mixing and mastering sounds fun, but as I said, I have absolutely 0 knowedge on this area. So basically, I'm all kinds of new. Hope I can contribute with the forums, learn a lot, and make great stuff. As well as help someone when I'm able to. That said, hello everybody!
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