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    The Super Guitar Bros are not actually brothers – they’re bros! Steve met Sam back in 2007 at a local coffee shop he was performing at with a mutual friend. After seeing Sam’s incredible classical skills, Steve knew the two of them had to start making music. After their first jam session together you could tell the two of them just clicked. They’ve been playing together ever since. Not only do they both love making video game covers, they have been working on many original songs, which they plan to share further down the road.
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    Steven Poissant and Sam Griffin

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  1. Ohhh man... Its only been a week and we already have a new video for you all... CHRONO TRIGGA!!!
  2. Hey guys! Long time no see (as usual I guess...) Well those of you who saw us at Magfest probably heard us play this song near the end of our set, so you knew this one was coming sooner or later... Well here it is! Yes its shorter than the others but thats a good thing trust me. It means there are other videos that will be coming your way shortly (you wont have to wait half a year for the next one). So yeah. Hope you guys enjoy it. And hope everything is going well with all of you. Take care. Steve
  3. Hey thanks guys. I'm glad to see that everybody likes this one so much. Sure, I'll try: Well with the first two videos (the Ninja Gaiden medley and Gerudo Valley) we just recorded those directly from Sam's laptop so the audio/video quality aren't that great. But Sam's dad has a little recording studio in the basement so he decided to start helping us out by recording us so that our videos could actually start sounding good. So the room you see us in from the Super Mario video onward is down in the basement just outside the studio room. We each have a microphone set up off to the sides and the cables run through the door into the studio (I honestly don't know what kind of microphones they are. I could ask if you want but they're pretty standard looking mics like SM-57s or something like that). From the Castlevania video onward we started putting a divider in between us as an attempt to prevent Sam's guitar from getting on my mic and vice versa. There's still a little bit of bleeding through but its not as bad anymore. The recording process itself is usually pretty frustrating because we're recording the audio and the video at the same time and we insist on having one solid take rather than editing different takes together. So we have to play the song from beginning to end without messing up (or at least messing up as little as possible). This results in us having to do the song over and over and over and over etc. again until we finally get it right. The worst is when we play everything perfectly right up until the end and then one of us just totally blunders the crap out of their part... So frustrating!! Notice how we usually look exhausted in the videos (especially me on the right)? That's because its like 3am and we're STILL trying to get a good take that we're satisfied with (and I have to be at work at 7am). The Mario and Castlevania videos were especially frustrating because we had to come back a 2nd day to try again because we just couldn't get it on the first day. I remember the Castlevania video being a total of like 60+ takes between the two days before we finally got one we liked. I had to go out and buy more candles for the 2nd day because all the ones we had burned down to little stubs... The Metroid and Final Fantasy videos were surprisingly easier to do and we managed to get those ones in less than 10 takes. I was really surprised. As frustrating as that was it was still really enjoyable looking back on it. We really tried to just have fun and not to get too serious and frustrated with the whole thing. Sam's dad has been really good with keeping us motivated and making us laugh and reminding us to have fun. Though there were times when he was just as frustrated and that didn't really help. After the recording the only thing left is the mixing and mastering which is mostly Sam's dad working with us standing behind him giving our input. The only things that we would alter in the song are the volume/panning (to make sure both guitars sound balanced), the EQs of the guitars (since different parts are played differently and sound better with a slightly different tone), and adding reverb. This part takes a long time because when you change something on one section it tends to affect the way the rest of the song sounds afterwards. Its almost like a domino effect. So you have to listen to the whole thing to make sure everything sounds right. There were many nights where I fell asleep on the floor while Sam and his dad continued to work on the mix Once that's done we master the final product to make it as loud as we can without it distorting and thats it. Song finished!! The recording and mixing process takes a long time but the longest part of the whole thing is actually learning the songs, making the arrangement and practicing the songs which I'm not even going to go into right now. I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for exactly but I just started typing and words just kept flowing so thats what you get here. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them. Thanks again for watching our videos and for all the kind words. I'm really glad that all the hard work is paying off. Edit: Well we did submit the Castlevania one last year and they accepted it recently. However it seemed some of the judges were reluctant because it was too much of a straight cover and not enough originality put into the mix (I should note here that Dj Pretzel came in and convinced the other judges that they shouldn't reject it). Seeing as how they almost didn't accept that one I'm not sure that they would accept any of our other tracks. Honestly we're just trying to pay tribute to composers who have inspired us, not create half original-half video game songs. I don't know... We may submit more songs in the future but it just doesn't seem to be what the judges here are looking for. Baten Kaitos huh? I've honestly never played it but we've gotten some requests from people to do that one. I don't know though... We have a lot of other songs we're trying to do right now and we're also already committed to another project so I don't know if we could really join another one right now. I'll let you know if things change but best of luck to you either way.
  4. Hey everyone!! As usual it's been a long time since our last video soooo... Here's a new one!! It's a Sonic Medley-thon!! Covering every stage from beginning to end plus the boss music and the title/ending theme. Enjoy!! P.S. Thanks for the shirts Foxx!
  5. OH MAN! I can't believe it's finally up!! I was beginning to worry that it would never get posted but not anymore! Thank you guys so much!! I'm really glad you like it. And yeah, we'll have to start posting up more songs. Though I know it will be tough since most of them are pretty straight forward covers. I guess with future songs we can try experimenting a little bit more. By the way for those of you who haven't seen the video version of this performance you should really check it out. We went all out for it - black hoods, candles, Death in the background... It's pretty cool. Here you go ---> Thanks again for all the nice comments and everything! And a big WASSUP to my VV brothers!! Steve
  6. Final Fantasy Medley!!! Hey guys! Long time no see. Well here it is. Our next video in the SGB collection. Finally!! Rather than covering a specific Final Fantasy game we decided to pick three songs that you hear throughout the series: The Prelude, The Main Theme and The Chocobo Theme. We've been working on this song ever since we came back from Magfest X. But because of school and work and other things in life it was very hard for us to find time to get together and work on it. We're planning to work on many more songs during the summer so hopefully the next video shouldn't take nearly as long as this one did. Anyway hope you enjoy it! Peace P.S. Thank you for the awesome artwork Foxxdragon!
  7. Hey guys! This is Steve from the Super Guitar Bros. If you're not familiar with us you should check out our songs on our Youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperGuitarBros Just wanted to let everyone know that we are offically coming to MAGFEST!!!!!! EDIT: According to what the schedule says right now we will be performing on the second stage on Friday from 1:50-2:20. It's subject to change but hopefully it doesn't. We hope you will join us and we look forward to seeing you! This will be the first magfest for Sam and I and we're crazy excited about it! Seriously I haven't been able to think about anything else since we ordered our passes. We will probably be spending a lot of time hanging out in the JamSpace. So if you're going to be there We look forward to meeting you and jamming and listening to other people jam. Really we're excited about meeting people in person since we've never done anything like this before. So if you see us there please don't be afraid to come up and say hi. We want to meet you!! Peace P.S. We just got a facebook page. Please be our friend! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Super-Guitar-Bros/284167974968302?sk=wall&filter=1
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