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  1. Disappointed there was nothing by over9000thehedgehog. Very. Disappointed.
  2. Interestingly enough i was going for a mechanical sound. There's a Youtube user called threelines3 who does the same thing. Even though their songs sound obviously processed they're still enjoyable to listen to. I don't think mechanical should be synonymous with faulty and I feel very strongly about this, mechanical is a style. Those notes are pretty muddy though .__.
  3. I made a thing In case you're not acquainted. The original can be found here: There is no existing midi for this in case you were wondering, i really did do this all by ear, freehand. A weekend well spent.
  4. I always thought the places you go when this music plays were mysteriously creepy, so i literally just did this from scratch last night, any suggestions?
  5. Unfortunately i've not been able to access my soundcloud lately, so i'ma have to link from Youtube General feedback is appreciated I consider it finished but i'm always open to improvement The original:
  6. The source tune seems to be a fan favourite among the Youtube remixing community, most people however had stuck cripplingly close to the original, so i thought throwing it into the abyss of dance/electro might be 'fresh and new' Just check it out if you please
  7. Thanks very much for the feedback Yeah i can see that wobble bass is a problem, i probably shoulda put a warning on it but i'll defo turn that down :') All the other suggestions are duly noted and i'll keep working on it
  8. My first real attempt at anything of the genre, i realise a lot of people aren't fans of it either but any constructive criticism is welcomed EDIT: Is a more recent version, with minor alterations, i don't usually like putting youtube links up but it is newer